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Just me and my....  Well, Junior is a boy. So I can't use that line.


Started running back in August. And I am proud to say, I’m for real a runner now! Like, that’s what I do! Not just something I’m trying to do.

Couch To 5K is your friend. I could not have gotten here without that app.

Now that I’m in the zone, I have questions. Most of them are probably self-explanatory. But I’m stumped. Help a sister out!

1. I run at 6:00 AM. Am I supposed to eat before I go or after I come back? Both? Is it true that drinking water during my run will cause cramps?

This picture is very sobering. I don't eat any of these things. I'm actually not quite sure when I had a vegetable in its natural form.

This picture is very sobering. I don’t eat any of these things. I’m actually not quite sure when I last had a vegetable in its natural form.



2. I can now run three miles. Easily. But I’m still slow. (12-13 minutes a mile). Should I next try to go faster or farther? Or neither.




Or Farther?


3. I have zeros issues with breathing. I end my run barely out of breath. But my legs are another story. Will that get better? Anything I can do? I limp around the next day for hours.  I feel the burn!


4. My right knee ain’t too happy. It’s not serious. (I don’t think.) But while I’m running, I’m definitely aware of something going on down there.



5. I usually run 3 times a week. But lately I’ve been feeling antsy and grouchy if I don’t run in the morning so I go every day. Is that bad? Am I supposed to take days off? Or is that just for heavy duty trainers?


6. I’ve been trying to cut red meat from my diet. But since I’ve started running, my body is like, Are you crazy? If you don’t get me a Porterhouse in the next five minutes, I’m gonna make you wish we were never born. Lately, I have very very strong cravings for meat. Red meat.

I know I can eat more protein in other ways. I’m sure there are vegetarian/vegan runners out there. I don’t know how they do it.

Oh. And please don’t tell me nothing about no damn peanut butter. Or black beans. It’s not just the protein that I need. I feel the need to literally tear into flesh. I have no desire to smooth a piece of peanut butter over a nice little apple slice.



No. Just no.

No. Just no.




7. Went outside this morning for my run. It’s light out. Yay! But. What the heck? It’s like two degrees out here! I had to put on two hoodies and tights under my sweatpants. What the hell am I going to do in February? I guess there’s a reason why I don’t see the runners in the park and on the street that I saw in August. I do not have time to join a gym.  I only made it this far because I didn’t over think it. Roll out of bed, sneakers, pavement. If I have to start the car? Not gonna happen.


Me, this morning. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But this is what it felt like!

Me, this morning. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But this is what it felt like!

And finally–



I’m five pounds heavier than I was when I started running. I know, I know. I’m eating more. Muscle weighs more than blah blah. I was wearing my Skinny Aliya pants over the summer. I was wearing my Regular Aliya pants a few weeks ago. Today I had to go for the Holiday Season Aliya pants. (I can still wear Skinny Aliya skirts. So I’m assuming it’s the thighs bulking up)  I know this regime is good for me. But I’m not gonna front: seeing the scale go up when I’m running miles a day is disheartening. I ain’t gain no weight when I was doing yoga. Hmph.

I was looking for a picture of big thighs. And this was one of the first images that popped up.

I don't think you're ready for this jelly. 'Cause my body's too thigh-a-licious for you babe.

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. ‘Cause my body’s too thigh-a-licious for you babe.

How did I not know Beyonce had thighs like that? Now that I’m looking at them, I’m realizing that thick thighs ain’t all bad. I might be able to handle this. But what happens later? The more I run, the thicker they get?

Answers! Answers! I need answers!


P.S. I know I can Google all of the above. But it’s not the same as hearing it from the real world. Plus I’m lazy.



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7 Responses to Questions About: RUNNING

  1. I’m still fairly new to running, but:
    -I’ve run on an empty stomach before, but I usually eat a small piece of fruit and a half cup of greek yogurt or half of a whole wheat bagel. Anything heavier than that and I’m puking on the side of the road.
    -Typically I run 3-4 days. Once I started running longer distances, a rest day in between was key for me.
    -If you’re not winded, at all, then maybe try to pick up the pace and really push yourself.
    -I actually prefer running in the cold. When I first started, it was late January. I just threw on some gloves and a good hoodie. But I also hate the heat and get overheated pretty quickly.
    -I don’t weight myself so I don’t know if I’ve actually gained any weight, but I did notice a few extra inches in my quads and backside. And I’m ok with that.

    Happy Running!

  2. Lisa says:

    1. I try to get in a protein bar, a banana or a spoon of peanut butter before I run. And if I’m on the treadmill, I sip water during my walk period. which brings me to…
    2. Try the Galloway method…it’s a run/walk split. It’s shaved a 1.5 minutes off of my mile. Don’t knock it til you try
    3. Maybe try some strength training?
    4. Strength training may help with this too? IDK but knee pain amongst women runners is common according to a specialist I saw years ago. Ibuprofen?
    5. The Galloway method may help with that but I’m not sure. I don’t run everyday though.
    6. Eat cleaner…look at that first pic and get those things in your body. You’ll notice the difference
    7. Layers.
    8. Girl! What I learned from the Grady Doc (check out her blog)…You lose weight in the kitchen and get fit in the gym. HARD STOP. You’ll eventually lose those 5. I exercised and ate good for at least 8 weeks before I lost 3 good pounds. But after week 12, I lost 14 more. Keep at it.

  3. David Ramsay says:

    Generally speaking , do what works and feels good to you. We all react differently to stimuli so try different things. But this is what works for me.
    1. I eat very little before I run if at all. Some water and maybe yogurt if I’m hungry. Running with little food allows your body to work off fat reserves. Is it important to be hydrated so make sure you have water regularly. Definitely eat afterwards. Fruit and protein.
    2. If three miles is easy at your current pace, push the pace. Your increased fitness will allow you to run farther soon. It’ll happen quite naturally. Soon, 3 miles won’t be enough to make you feel like you had a quality run. I know it sounds corny, but listen to your body. A run watch is a must so you can track distance and pace as you run.
    3. Hopefully your legs will get used to the pounding but equipment is essential. Go to a real run store where you can get advice on the best sneakers for you. Sneaker factory in Millburn is great. The pain you feel usually corresponds to how your foot strikes the ground. Heel first, toe first, or somewhere in between. Tracks are softer, so get on one sometimes.
    4. 5. Ice your knee if it hurts. Frozen peas work great. Take a day off if needed.
    6. Bodies need protein how you get it is up to you. I would guess that your body is asking for the protein, not necessarily the porterhouse. I like protein fruit smoothies.
    I love a good steak but I limit my red meat to no more than twice weekly.
    7 and 8. Layer up for the cold. Clothes that take the sweat off your skin work well to keep you warm(dry weave). Your body will build up because your an athlete now but distance runners will remain relatively lean because you run on endurance as opposed to sprinters who run on power and develop thick thighs and calves. Don’t worry about it. You’ll and feel better than ever.

  4. aliya says:

    I knew I was doing the right thing by not Googling until I checked in with the real world. GREAT stuff here. Thank you!!!

  5. Pos says:

    YOU ARE FUNNY! LOL. I always hear your voice when reading.

    Real quick. Got ish to do.

    1. Never run on an empty stomach. Food is fuel. Eat a protein bar, an apple, drink a shake, something… Hydrate during the day. Sip water (and I mean sip) during a run. The one little bottle (5-8 oz) should suffice for a 5k. Eat breakfast after. Healthy…

    2. Speed will come. When you feel like you are not straining through it you will naturally go faster. Trust me on this. Its ok to push a little at the last mile becasue you know you have stuff left in the tank. Just have a comfy pace.

    3. Sometimes you get shin splints. Dont have experince with other leg injuries. But if you have shin splints I have the best shin splinter knocker-outter ever!!!!

    4. KT tape!

    5. You can maintian every day. Training is another story. 3 miles a day is fine. (5 days a week) Take a couple off on the weekend. Unless you want to go for a long run on saturday to see how you do.

    6. Remember in high school when I stopped eating pork and then red meat? Still no pork on my fork. But after my motorcycle accidents when the doctors said I needed iron they recommended red meat. I dont know WHAT THE HELL I WAS THINKING!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

    7 Under armour, dry fit, and things like that are warmer than you think. Plus it soaks up the sweat so you dont feel cold sweat on you. I’ll tell you my layer procedure that has me boiling by mile 1. You need a lot of them though because obviously it gets soaked. So you need at least 5 for the week, unless you wash a lot.

    8. Legs and ass- yum. Im sure E won’t complain. Guys love nice thick thighs if they are in shape. The ass comes with it.

    Glad you are running. I might need some inspiration because Ive been lazy. Love ya, sis! Do your thing. I miss you too. Adult schedules are crazy. Lata.

    BTW- if your doing a list with numbers, once it goes past 5, you have to make it 10. Ijs…

  6. aliyasking says:

    @Pos I think I’ve got it. Though of course now I have even more questions. Stay tuned for a part two post.

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