The Social Experiment: The Non Stop Blogger



Facebook. Twitter. Texts. Email.

It’s really starting to feel like we’re slipping into the Matrix. I’m starting to look at life in 140 characters or less.

The other night, I’m sitting on the couch with TH and TG. TH says, “hey, do you know who reps Joe Budden?”

I start flipping through my contacts.

And then TG says, “Daddy, don’t you mean Joe Biden?”

Me and TH start cracking up. Not a good sign for Joe Budden if a twelve year old hears your name and assumes you’re the vice president.

Then, I’m thinking: Ha. That was funny.

And I log on to Twitter. And recount the story there. No one responds. No one LOLs. And somehow the moment feels less special.

Maybe it wasn’t so funny.

And I’m like, what the hell am I doing?! Is my every thought and moment going to be regurgitated for cyberspace? Do I need feedback from people I don’t know on everything that happens in my world?!

Is that what we’re gonna do? Really?

Okay. Well fine then. Let’s try this.

Tomorrow morning, my kid’s gonna wake me up around 7-ish. As soon as I open my eyes, I’ll be posting.

And I will post all. day. long. No thought will go unwritten. No menial task will go undocumented. If it happens, I will blog about it.

Let’s all get a taste of the future.

I’ll give you a sample of how this is going to go down starting right now. I’m gonna turn on my webcam right now. Here I am, typing this blog post. This is me right now at 3:43 PM, in my office in Newark, New Jersey on March 31, 2009. My hair is a hot mess today. Ignore it. And yeah, I’m singing along to my girl Faith. And yeah, I can’t sing. I’m aware of that. And all of you are too. Whatever.

See you in the AM. This should be interesting…

12 Responses to “The Social Experiment: The Non Stop Blogger”

  1. Michael Says:

    LOL. Interesting. By the way, I love “Fallin’ In Love.” You didn’t sound too bad either. You should hear me sing Kut Klose’s “I Like” or me trying to emulate D’Angelo’s vocals on “When We Get By.” You’ll think you’re ready for a record deal after that.

  2. la negrita Says:

    I. can’t. wait! :-D

    I know you are skeptical about Twitter (I am too, even though my update count doesn’t say so :-p), but the bad thing about it is if you don’t post often, you get lost amongst those who do. I saw that Joe Budden tweet and found it funny, but I assume people will find a lone “LOL” or “LMAO” annoying, so I don’t usually respond if that’s the only thing I have to say. You’ve just recently started posting more, so it may have gotten lost in the fray (and how creepy do I sound noting the frequency of your posts?!?!).

    All my “favorite” tweeters post a lot (I mentioned a few in my @ reply to you), so I pay more attention to them naturally. I also notice when they go MIA (ain’t that right, SoSoulfull?). I have no doubt that you’ll build an audience (if that’s what you’d like) in no time. You have two things going for you:

    1) Name recognition (sucks for us little people, but really…a lot of the popular tweeters are popular IRL)

    2) You’re a great writer!

    You have all the makings of a super starrah! ;-)

  3. Jovi Says:

    You are such a brave soul to have a webcam, comment on your hair and post it.

    Joe Biden, that was funny. Forget Twitter. We love and respect your work and that is all that matters.

  4. Southern_Lady Says:

    Yes, that will be very interesting. Throughout the day there are so many things I’d like to say in my FB status, but then I wonder who will really care???? No one, but me. So that’s that. The Joe Budden/Biden joke was funny. What does that say for Budden’s career??

  5. tonyapendleton Says:

    OMIGOD Aliya, your blog is fire! I swear, I’m a little upset when people don’t respond to my FB updates. Last night I was like someone give me an update, i can’t think of one. **crickets*** Okay, that wasn’t so clever. But when I asked for some FB love, I did get that and from some surprising folks who I wouldn’t have thought cared if I needed some positive energy or not….so I guess it works both ways!

    I guess all this social networking is a way for all of us to be heard, and not just by our friends and families. It’s all of our inner celebrity trying to get out. It’s all of us needing attention from the masses, maybe we don’t get enough in real life.

    As much as I like social networking traveling has shown me that it’s truly much better to make connections in the real world, even if they are brief. I mean how many people can you really be “friends” with. There are your FB friends and then there are the people that you call to bury the body…and you better know which is which!!!

  6. Caila K Says:

    LOL-I think social networking is driving you insane! In the words of the Harlem Heights “cast”- “really, is that what we’re doing now?” HAHAHA.

    But seriously, everytime I log onto twitter and see that little message ’bout Twitter being a social experiment, I feel like a lab rat. Ah well-I’m experimenting on the experiment!

  7. jay1 Says:

    that’s hilarious.

  8. Tremaya Says:

    Hey Aliya, you didn’t sound bad at all. Can’t wait to see how the experiment goes. By the way, the “internets” (as you would say (smile)) are reporting that King Magazine is a wrap. I know you can’t believe everything you read, and in this case I know that’s a check for you, so I hope it all pans out.

  9. Cori Says:

    Tonya, I feel you on the clever FB updates. If I don’t have anything funny to say, I won’t update it. Who cares if I’m just sitting at home, surfing, and watch Sex and The City for the 12th time.

    Aliya, good luck with tomorrow’s posting. I’ll be reading (and your blog is amazing!) I can’t wait to read your book.

  10. Paul Says:

    I cant wait till virtua
    reality steps its game up and if we wanna punch someone from our computer to someone on another computer, we can. Right next to the webcam there should be one of those boxing gloves with the retractable (gate) arm. And if I push a button on my end, you got your face socked. Blog me every second and until that invention comes out, I’ll just drive over to your house and improvise…

    How do you and your busy ass schedule have time to do this shit? BTW is TG doing simple calculus yet? Cause I haven’t seen or heard from yall in a minute. This is what makes FB, twitter, my space, scottie site, etc… sad. Before we actually conversed once in a blue even with our crazy schedules. Now, the only time we have contact with each other is through bullshit ass FB. Not just you. Others also.(Lemme tell you why I’m mad, Son!) We are soon gonna not even want human contact with each other in a minute. Its gonna be like, “Why didnt youy just fb me.?” Get the fuck outta here! I love you. You suck. And unfortunately this thing that I am a slave to as of now, sucks too. Fuck facebook. I love you facebook…

  11. Says:

    Been meaning to say this, not sure if you watched Flavor of Love 2 or I Love Money 2 (sorry, my guilty VH1 pleasures) but I’ve always thought there was something about the girl “Prancer” that reminded me of you. Her voice and mannerisms seem very ASK-ish.

    As you were

  12. Yolonda Says:


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