Black Like Me…


In 1954, Psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark administered the infamous doll test. When presented with white and black dolls, little black girls overwhelmingly chose the white dolls as prettier, nicer, smarter.

The video is heartbreaking.

A young girl named Kiri Davis has done a short film on the topic. Please watch it when you can.

And then, just yesterday, Good Morning America did their own take on the doll test.

It makes me sick to my stomach.

A longer post when Blogorama is over will follow. I have things to say about this.

One Response to “Black Like Me…”

  1. jay1 Says:

    i asked my daughter which doll was better, a lightskinned brown haired doll or a dark skinned, black haired doll and she chose the dark one. i was happy for some reason. i don’t know why exactly. then i realized she looks more like the lighter one.

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