I usually have a ban on afternoon coffee. But I will have to make an exception today. I can’t write a word without my eyes drooping. I have only two options. Coffee. Or nap.

And now I have to leave the office. Turns out that I managed to leave my house keys at home. And now I’m locked out. (Blogorama’s fault. I’m frazzled).

TH is far away. At work. TG has a set of keys but she’s still in class. And her school is kinda far too.

Luckily’s Tog’s former babysitter still has the keys to the house that she used before Tog started daycare.

And my office is not far away from her apartment.

I’m off…

2 Responses to “Ugh.”

  1. jay1 Says:

    the sitter got keys to your crib?! my sitter isn’t even allowed upstairs. my crib is a mess.

  2. Jovi Says:

    how did you leave your house keys?

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