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Good morning. I’m sitting in newark airport as I type this. So weird to post on my Blackberry as opposed to on my laptop.

A few random thoughts as I prepare to board this flight…

1. What are the odds that I’ll come in contact with swine flu? Didn’t see anyone in the airport this AM with surgical masks. But I *am* traveling to the south. And frankly, I’m worried. We’re at a level five people. And the new york times says “containing flu is not feasible.” Yikes.

2. I’m going to Florida to write a travel piece on what is known as the Emerald Coast. (Yes, I love my job.) Do I throw my “eat better forever” campaign out the window and dive into the free-but-fatty food I know I’ll be offered all weekend? Or do I ask for sauce on the side and count carbs and all that crap? What Would Paul Cantor Do? (He’s my weight loss idol of the moment. Search the comments of one of my weight-loss posts and you’ll see his story) I’d give you the link but I can’t. I’m on my blackberry. Work with me people!)

3. Really random question. I perused the magazine racks and I could not find anything I wanted to spend four or more bucks for. Granted, I get a few magazines in the mail. But I stood there for ten minutes and walked away with a newspaper. And I write for magazines! What magazines do you buy on the regular?

4. Ultra-random question. There’s a man sitting next to me who is super loud on his cell phone. He just checked in with someone and asked about an email that should have been sent. Then he made another call and said, “my secretary emailed you this morning.” Who uses that word anymore? Don’t people usually say “assistant”? Thought that was weird.

He’s given out his email address a zillion times this morning. I have it committed to memory: Maybe I’ll email him and ask him why he doesn’t just call her/him an assistant. Do I have any readers who are assistants, present or former? Male or female? Would you care if your title was secretary?

Swine flu, carb counting, magazines, assistant Vs. Secretary. Thoughts?

Even while traveling…I’d love to hear from you…

7 Responses to “blackberry blogging”

  1. Del Says:

    Alls i know is, you best not ever call me ya secretary or we’s gone have some problems. lol

  2. Katura Says:

    Leave your diet at the airport and enjoy the food. No carb or calorie counting while traveling.

    I no longer buy magazines by the issue. Four bucks is a bit much. I subscribe to Essence, Black Enterprise and O. That’s it. Though I used to buy back issues at the dollar store that used to be Foodtown. Is that like buying bootleg?

  3. Del Says:

    Oh and here at the 9to5, they have both secretaries and assistants. I’m not sure what the difference is between the two. From what I hear, the secretaries here get paid more than the assistants. Hmmm. Maybe you can call me your secretary after all. LOL.

  4. Tanisha Says:

    Maybe have one off the diet treat per day. Or do the one one bite and abandon trick. LOL

    I don’t usually buy mags. I read the ones I wouldn’t normally buy when when I get my nails done. I have about 12 (it was 13; RIP King) subscriptions so I usually have something to take with me for road trips.

    Loud cell talkers giving out or having more than a general brief convo is so annoying. I take the train into Philly twice a week and they have quiet cars. I love that. Just readers, sleepers, quiet talkers and people who know how to occupy themselves with quiet activities. Its such a pleasure.

  5. SoSoulfull Says:

    LLs at you putting the dude’s email up in your post. I’m almost tempted to email him too, but judging from the way you described him, he definitely sounds like an oldie, so I’m guessing he’s just used to saying secretary. I’m not a secretary, but if I were, I wouldn’t mind the label because a job title doesn’t define me as a person. As long as the salary is on point, I’m cool. Magazines? Hmmm, about to cancel Billboard, but I just subscribed to Paste Magazine ( ). It’s a music/lifestyle mag that I learned about on twitter. Receiving a 1/yr sub for a buck! Um, other than that, I’m still reading the usual mags: Essence, Vibe, Ebony, New Yorker, and Washingtonian. Speaking of Washingtonian, did you see their latest cover? Lawd, folks are seriously tripping over Obama’s abs. smdh. BTW, what magazine are you writing this article for? I love FL, wouldn’t mind seeing a new part of the state. Enjoy your trip! :)

  6. Yolonda Says:

    Stay focused on your diet, however, cheat just a lil (in a very small voice). Hope you brought your bathing suit because I hear it is pretty nice out there.

    Out of resecpt, I call them assistants. They have WAY more power than most people think so I make sure to give them their props.

  7. paul cantor Says:


    I would probably indulge a bit, nothing too crazy… you gotta enjoy life.

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