Haftime’s New Music Monday: K-Jon, Melanie, Whitney, Laura Izibor, Ryan Leslie, Curt@ins and more…



Heather A. Faison, AKA Haftime, is  the young whippersnapper with her ears to the street. I’m the old fogey who’s trying desperately to keep up with what’s new and hot.

This week, Haftime solved a few mysteries on singers I’ve been hearing but could not identify, put me on to some new hip-hop and forced me to critique my hometown hero. Sigh.

Check it out:

[Click on the files to actually read the text. Otherwise. You’ll go blind.]



Check out Curt@in$



Check out K-Jon




Check out Whitney’s new joint…



Check out Laura Izibor

Ryan leslie


Check out Ryan Leslie…

ryan leslie melanie

melanie weave


Check out Melanie Fiona–and her hair.

Instant Message with “haftime2009”

Do you like writing? Here's a cliff to jump off.


Dear readers: Are you up on this music? Have you heard this Curtains fellow? Why is his name spelled like so. I mean, really. Is Whitney back? Kinda? Little bit? What do you think of Melanie Fiona, K-Jon, Laura Izibor and Ryan’s new track?

Haftime and I would love to hear from you!

7 Responses to “Haftime’s New Music Monday: K-Jon, Melanie, Whitney, Laura Izibor, Ryan Leslie, Curt@ins and more…”

  1. clove Says:

    I love Ryan Leslie! he’s so super talented and I wish he was bigger than he is but I guess his personality isn’t really that of a superstar. He’s a harvard grad and kinda geeky. PLEASE check out his first album. I still have to buy it but it’s been in regular rotation on my ipod

    Also co-sign Melanie Fiona

    Whitney, I don’t know… Can’t really expect much from her. Most of her classic material was in the 80s/90s so it’s hard to live up to that. I think she can make a solid comeback but people have moved on

  2. Abina Says:

    Listening to Laura Ibizor right now. I heart her already! I love Ryan. Also heard of Melanie Fiona via your twitter (thankie!).

    I have yet to check Whitney’s single. I want the old Whitney that used to make me inhale for 3 seconds before I took on her high notes. I miss that Whitney.

    Not into rap, so I’ll skip Curtains. lol

  3. Caila K Says:

    Have to check out Laura Ibizor!

  4. elise Says:

    K’Jon’s new album I GET AROUND in stores August 4, 2009!!! Features the # 1 song “On The Ocean”….folks dont relaize that they know the artist… song lyrics includes “Someday my ship will come in….”….if you like KEM or CARL THOMAS or ANTHONY HAMILTON…you will loooove K’Jon. http://www.k-jon.com ….xoxoxo!!

  5. Keisha Says:

    I love this! I’m excited about Whitney – I’m ready for her to come back. I feel the need to support her even if the project isn’t good just so she knows there is still love out there for her. Love Laura Izibor, and unlike you Aliya – I think I could listen to a whole album of her voice. I kinda dig the distinct thing. Never heard of Ryan or Melanie so I will be checking them out.

  6. ebwriter Says:

    I am liking Melanie Fiona and Laura Ibizor!

  7. Tiesha Says:

    I am a HUGE Laura Izibor fan. She was India.Aire’s opening act when she came to Dallas a couple of months ago. Loved her so much I saw her again when she came solo. Bought 3 copies of her CD and sent it to my friends. I am not a huge Ryan Leslie fan, though. His record sounds like one long song to me! Lol. I listen to it occasionally, but I wouldn’t call it groundbreaking or anything. Melanie Fiona has a joint called “Sad Songs” that I really like. I have heard what is SUPPOSED to be Whitney’s new joint, but I refuse to believe that voice is hers… Let’s just say if it is, she’s not quite on that “golden pipes” level anymore… Yikes.

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