Haftime’s New Music Monday: Priscilla Renea, Mr. Hudson, Little Dragon



Heather A. Faison, AKA Haftime, is  the young whippersnapper with her ears to the street. I’m the old fogey who’s trying desperately to keep up with what’s new and hot.

This week, Haftime introduced me to a guitar-slinging non-urban chick, an avant-garde pseudo-techno dude and an experimental surprise.

Check it out:


Priscilla Renea – Hello My Apple

AK: yo!
Haftime: aye!
AK: ok. bout to listen to Pricilla Renea
AK: Her name is complicated.
Haftime: Her name is country, not complicated
Haftime: She’s gonna add an accent and make that sound french like Beyonce when she gets big
AK: where is her extra accent gonna go?
AK: PriCillEEah

Haftime: Ha! She’ll change it up some how

AK: Damn. First guitar licks and I’m sold! Love her. Beautiful voice. India + Erykah. Artists hate to be compared. But she will be compared to them. And that’s not a bad thing.
Haftime: Looks are deceiving. I def wasn’t expecting a guitar- slinging, india type chick but, her voice is warm and innocent.
AK: Even tho she’s standing there with a big-ass guitar? I wasn’t loving the look.
But love love love the sound.

Haftime: Haaa! oh. yeah. her sound is so…non-urban. for lack of a better description
AK: And she’s only 20. Nice.
AK: Very non-urban.

Hafime: But you can tell she’s a promising songwriter


Mr. Hudson ft. Kid Cudi – Everything is Broken

AK: this sounds like techno at first. i don’t do techno.
Hafime: it is. UK techno with a touch of kanye
AK: oh man, I don’t know. this may be too experimental for me.
Hafime: a lot of synths and drum patterns
AK: I wanna like it. I think I’m supposed to like it. it takes some getting used to
Hafime: like 808s and heartbreak
AK: 808s didn’t take time for me.
Hafime: I liked it?
AK: I hated it viscerally. immediately. and continue to today.
Hafime: Haaaa!! Dang
AK: nah, kidding. Some stuff did grow on me. like shelf fungus on a tree.

Hafime: here we go….

AK: not sure how I feel about Kid Cudi either. He’s like the other Kanye-esque kid from the midwest. The one who screwed up the Tribe tribute at the Hip-Hop Honors. What’s his name?
Hafime: He brings his own sound to the record. Lupe
Hafime: Yeah “Lupegate”!
AK: Yes. Kid Cudi and Lupe are in the same category. That wasn’t a good look for him.
I hear the whippesnappers talk about them both like they are the Second Coming of Kanye. I listen hard. But don’t get it.

Hafime: Nah, not really. Lupe’s lyrics are more cerebral


Little Dragons – Constant Surprises

Haftime: new artist, but older song. Little Dragon – Constant Surprises. They’ve been getting a lot of buzz lately

AK: sigh. where is the buzz? I guess it’s not in my Cheerios-encrusted Mom-mobile

Haftime: I like it.

AK: I am OLD. And out of touch! Sob!

AK: Hey. She’s intriguing.

Halftime: I like the techno fusion sound though

AK: What’s her story.

Halfitme: she’s quite the charmer

AK: Is this a band? or just her?

Haftime: The group is from Sweden

Haftime: they no have two albums and are getting love in the US. Just performed on NYC Summerstage

AK: I like, I like. *sidebar. I used to go to Summerstage. Like, for every show. SOB!* I won’t download this. but I like it. and I’d love to hear this out at the imaginary club I got to on Saturday nights in my fancy shoes. Sob!

This is smoky-club music.

Haftime: Get out the house woman!

AK: hmph.

AK: verdict.

Haftime: *drumroll

AK: love priscilla. like Little Dragon. I am underwhelmed by Mr. Hudson. But will not admit this to my avant-garde friends who will say he’s a genius.

AK: Priscilla is a winner. Love, love, love.

AK: Will purchase. Not download.

4 Responses to “Haftime’s New Music Monday: Priscilla Renea, Mr. Hudson, Little Dragon”

  1. clove Says:

    I like priscilla. her voice is light and calm. sounds like jewel + erykah. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVOFRZsdKeo

    eric hudson I have to get used to. like aliya said, I want to like it. some of his stuff I do appreciate

  2. Haftime Says:

    Jewel! I was reaching for comparisons. Strong comparison Clover

  3. Haftime Says:

    Well, her guitar licks are like Jewel but her voice is something else….this is gonna bug me

  4. Portia Says:

    Little Dragons vocals sounds like Caron Wheeler mixed with Erykah…I likes…liked guitar gal too…Call me ancient but didn’t even play Mr. Hudson’s track all the way through. Keep the music comin’!

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