A Conversation with…Mike Schreiber

courtesy of Mike Schreiber. No stealing!

courtesy of Mike Schreiber.

Ten years ago, I had to interview Common for The Source. The interview took place at the legendary Electric Lady Studios in the Village. Mike Schreiber was the photographer assigned for the story and we ended up talking while we waited for Common. After five minutes of conversation, I decided that Mike was arrogant, cocky and annoying. Ten years later, he still is. He’s also one of my favorite photographers. He’s completely self-taught, has shot everything from dogs to prisoners to rappers for everyone from The Source to Vibe and GIANT. (Check out his website) I called Mike up this morning and asked him to tell me about his ten favorite photographs and the stories behind them. Here’s how the conversation went down.

ASK: Glad you remembered me…

MS: Please. How could I forget? You cursed out Mos Def that day at Electric Lady studios.

ASK: You remember that?! You’re the only one who can co-sign that story.

MS: You guys were talking about music or whatever. And then you just said, well I have a bone to pick with you. And you just went off. I was like, what the hell is she doing?!

ASK: HA! I’m gonna write a post about that day. And you can give me quotes.

MS: Totally.

ASK: Back to the issue at hand. When did you realize you wanted to be a photographer?

MS: I never had the epiphany. I always loved art. But there was never a moment when I just knew. I’m from Long Island. I never thought of it as something people do. My dad was an orthodontist and my mom was a teacher. I was a Jewish kid on Long Island, not surrounded by creatives. My impression of photography was that it was the guy who does the school pictures. Or a wedding photographer.

ASK: So you went to college…

MS: …And studied anthropology. I started out as an Art major. But I hated criticism. I’m a Taurus. So that wasn’t going to work. I worked for the school paper which was my training. And I had a job at a photo agency. I would look at the pictures and I thought, I can do this. I would call up record label publicists and make up assignments that I didn’t have.

ASK: I think we all have those stories of faking our way into assignments. I did the same thing. Where did you start shooting first?

MS: I started shooting the Lyricist Lounge when they were at Tramps.

ASK: Why hip-hop? Were you into it growing up?

MS: Well, on Long Island it was more hair metal with a little Young MC thrown in. [laughs] I started shooting hip-hop stuff because  it was accessible and it was fun. You go to shows for free and take pictures. I’m still not a hip-hop head. But it worked for me. In hip-hop, you didn’t need to have a whole body of work before you approached those publications. So I was hustling. You gotta hustle.

ASK: Yeah. You were. Up at The Source every single day with your slides.

MS: They paid 85.00 per picture for the section called Coast to Coast with all the photos.  And Vibe paid 60.
ASK: Was that good money?

MS: It was money. Period. [laughs] My job back then was hustling. I didn’t have the skill set of a photographer. All I knew was that I don’t want to have to get a job. Publicists started to know who I was. And so if De La Soul had an album release party, they might call me. And I’d have more pictures to sell. But I never really liked celeb worship and I thought it was beneath me. I didn’t care about Puff and Busta and what they were doing.

ASK: So how did you break out of shooting parties?

MS: You remember The Source had the Unsigned Hype column?

ASK: Of course.

MS: Well, people would send in pictures they took of themselves. And I asked the photo editor, Janeane Outlaw. I said let me shoot the Unsigned Hype pictures. And she said sure.  No one else was doing it. I only did three of them. But the second one I did was Eminem.
ASK: No way.

MS: Yeah. He blew up like a year later. But he was in New York, shopping his deal. So when people ask me the secret to my career,  there is no secret. I didn’t know anybody at first. You have to be creative. Think of assignments for yourself. There was no reason for any photo editor to give me work. So I had to find a way to practice where there was no pressure. Like taking pictures of people featured in Unsigned Hype.

ASK: Let’s talk about some of your favorite pictures. Who is this kid?


courtesy of Mike Schreiber.

MB: This is Tristan Wilds. From The Wire.

ASK: I’m the only person on Earth who has never seen an episode of The Wire.

MB: I just got it on DVD. It’s awesome.

ASK: So tell me about the picture. Why’d you choose it as one of your ten favorites?

MB: He’s a nice kid. Really young. I just really like the way it came out. I like it because it’s for KING and it’s not like…

ASK: Not what you expect to see in KING.

MB: Right.

ASK: In general, KING does a really good job with the TAG section. It gives me a feel of a magazine within a magazine. Now, let’s talk about my very favorite picture of yours…


courtesy of Mike Schreiber.

MB: Yeah. I love this photo too.

ASK: Where’d you take it?

MB: We’re in Brooklyn.  Outside Nkiru Books. He had just bought the bookstore with Taleb Kweli. This was one of my first aassignments for The Source. To shoot him and Kweli in front of the store. I pulled them each aside and took three pictures of them. That one of Mos is one of just two pictures I shot of him that day.

ASK: Literally, two?

MS: Literally. Two shots. The Source didn’t hire me to do a portrait. It was supposed to be a news story.

ASK:  And this was one of the two shots?

MS: Yeah.

ASK: When you presssed the button, did you know right away that it was a powerful shot?

MS: No. Not at all. But when I saw it, I knew it was a dope picture. Rawkus wanted to buy it from me for 400 bucks and I knew better than to sell it.

ASK: Did you ever get any feedback from Mos about the photo?

MS: Yeah, he told me it’s his favorite picture of himself. I think it captures his essence and a time period. The way he’s dressed. That’s all him. I wasn’t a portrait photographer. So I wasn’t telling people what to do. He’s really restless. I was just lucky I got him to stand still for ten seconds.

ASK: Were you really close up? Or did you zoom in?

MS: I was really close. I don’t use zoom lenses. I don’t think it looks as good. There’s something about being really close. You get something more. It’s not about pretty pictures. It’s about personality.

ASK: Okay, tell me about this guy…I don’t know him.


courtesy of Mike Schreiber.

MS: That’s Chad Johnson. He plays for the Bengals. I took this for GIANT. And I really love this picture. I shot him at a boxing gym, which is kind of weird, for a football player. We were all done, packing up and leaving. We go outside and he’s just standing there, leaning against the wall. I said hold on. Let me get a roll of you standing there. And that turned out to be the best of the pictures.

ASK: I wrote recently about how I wish I could sing. And one of my dear readers commented about how she’s dabbling in photography. But she said that all her photos just look like…photos. Nothing special. How can you take photos that leap off the page like some of yours do?

MS: I don’t know. Photography is the one creative endeavor that everyone thinks they can do.

ASK: Um, the same could be said for writing.

MS: No. I don’t think I can write.

ASK: You don’t. But many people do.

MS: True. But I truly feel like photography is not  for everyone. There’s no secret. Its just that some people are gifted.

ASK: And you’re gifted?

MS: Yeah. I am. Hell yeah.

ASK: I forgot how cocky you are.

MS: Look, photography is difficult if you’re not good at it. Everybody is not cut out for it.

ASK: So it can’t be taught?

MS: Anything can be taught. But there are people who take pretty pictures that are not memorable. There are pictures everywhere. Some are background noise.
People can be skilled musicians and not be memorable. Someone else can be not the greatest technically but people respond.

ASK: Tell me about this shot of DMX…


courtesy of Mike Schreiber.

MS: I shot DMX for Rap Pages. It was one of the first real assignments I had. What was memorable was what happened after I took this shot. This was inside at the offices of Def Jam, back when they were on Broadway. We went ouside to finish the shoot. And this was when “Where My Dogs At” had just come out. He was HUGE.

So I go outside, there are fifteen guys out there. The Lox are there. DMX is talking to them. I can’t get my shot. They’re all ignoring me. The publicist said I had fifteen minutes to make it happen before he was leaving. This is my first real shoot for a magazine. I can’t mess this up. Finally, I said: I NEED EVEYRBODY except for DMX to be on THAT side of the street. NOW.

They all looked at me like what the fuck.

Finally, DMX says, aiight y’all. Let him do his thing.

ASK: Sometimes, I think it’s actually easier for the white boy from Long Island to get access to certain people. You’re non-threatening. And for some celebrities, you seem more “official.” The Black guy (or girl)  from around their way sometimes has it tougher, I think.

MS: I could see that. But I think, I don’t know. Maybe it helps. But for me, I know how people respond to me. I’ve heard of white photographers running up and putting up a front and rappers don’t respond to that. I’m truthful.  I think some Black photographers might put on that front themselves too sometimes.

ASL: Yeah. That can happen.

MS: Some artists might have said, fuck this white boy. So it can work for me or against me. People are cool or they’re not. The way you act makes you official.

ASK: Okay, this guy I know. But I can’t think of his name.


courtesy of Mike Schreiber.

MS: This is Dikembe Mutombo. That was for SLAM. I had 15 minutes to get the shot and it’s one of of my favorites. He’s really interesting. What he does for his family and where he is from. He transcends being an athlete. They all make a ton of money in the NBA. But they are not all building hospitals with twenty million dollars of their own money.

ASK: You shot Voletta Wallace for XXL…


courtesy of Mike Schreiber.

MS: It was a strange moment. The only reason why I was taking the picture was because her son was murdered. Y’know? That just feels weird. This was for XXL. She was really sweet. She’s a mom. I took this at her house in Pennsylvania. Out in the Poconos. She was real nice and genune and it made me sad. And I love the picture.

ASK: You also shot every one’s favorite pregnant lady, MIA…


courtesy of Mike Schreiber.

MS: Yeah. I shot her for the cover of Urb. This was 2005. I didn’t know who she was. URb said do you want to shoot this girl for the cover. I said I don’t know her. But for the cover, yeah. The pictures came out amazing. She was signed to XL at the time and they asked me if I would do publicity photos of her. She’s great. And I love her.

ASK: This picture of ODB makes me want to cry…


courtesy of Mike Schreiber.

MS:  This was after he got out of jail.  A year before he died. At the time, the photo editor for XXL wanted every thing I shot to have a concept. But I’m not a concept person. I wanted to do something like that picture of John Lennon in front of the Statue of Liberty. So we got on the ferry to go out to the island to take a shot like that. But I ended up getting this one. Which was just a great pciture. Now, I don’t light my shots…

ASK: Really? The light is really beautiful here…

MS: I can see when there is good light. We were right near the bathroom on the ferry. And I just had him stand there and he smiled. And it was really strange. People don’t smile in hip-hop. And when they have teeth like that, they usually don’t smile either. He was out of it. Really catatonic.

ASK: So did XXL run this picture?

MS: It never ran in XXL. I did the shot they asked for. They were so intent on having a concept that they missed this great picture.

ASK: What did you think when you saw this photo?

MS: I said this dude is going back to jail or he will be dead.  He was just gone that day. But for a split second, in that picture, he was there.

ASK: I’m guessing this must be…C-Murder.


courtesy of Mike Schreiber.

MS: What gave it away? The big C-murder tattoo? Yeah. This was my first feature in XXL. They sent me down there and I was shooting in the Calliope Projects. It was just so…I’d never been in a situation like that before. I knew if I wasn’t with him, it would be a wrap. I would be lucky to get out alive. The atmosphere was so charged. This is 2001. It’s hot and sticky and people are drinking and girls are wearing next to nothing. It’s the poorest part of the coutry. Kids with no shoes. Stained clothes. A lot of heavy hard stares. It was crazy.

ASK: At the same time that you were down there, I was in the Magnolia projects with The Hot Boyz. And I was sitting there thinking the exact same thing. What the hell am I doing here? And what happens if they leave without me?

MS: Exactly!

ASK: You shot Pimp C before he passed away.

courtesy of Mike Schreiber

courtesy of Mike Schreiber

MS: Okay. Crazy story. He was from this poor town in Texas. I had directions to the town but not to the house. He was staying with his mom. This was like, five days after getting out of jail. I roll up in Texas in my beige Honda Civic rental. And I start asking people if they know the street.

ASK: What are you crazy?

MS: And I’d lost my cell phone on the flight so I had no cell. I see a barbershop. And I’m thinking, I’m sure they know where he lives!

ASK: Oh God…

MS: I roll down the window and ask this guy walking in to the barberhshop. Excuse me? Do you know where Pimp C lives? And he looks me up and down and then he says, “Nah, I don’t.” And I’m like, okay thanks! So I go to the liquor store. And it’s like a movie. Everything stops when I walk in. And I ask to use the pay phone. And the guy points to the back of the store. And then I’m like, can I have change for a dollar?

MS: Mike, are you serious?

MS: [laughs]. So I call the publicist, who is in Los Angeles. And he can’t help me. So he calls Pimp C’s mom. And she gets on the phone and says, where are you? I told her I was at 5th and Austin. She’s like, you are where?! 5th and Austin?! No baby. You can’t be over there. Listen to me. Get in the car. And lock the doors. I’ll be there in a minute.

ASK: I love it!!

MS: So I get in the car. Lock the doors. And people start coming outside to check me out. She gets there in like five minutes. Didn’t even get out of the car. She just waved at me to follow her to her house. It wasn’t far. Just a whole different neighborhood. So I meet up with Pimp C. And we end up at that same barbershop. I said, hey, I came by  here earlier today! He said, I know. My phone started ringing off the hook as soon as you got here. My peoples said there was some white boy asking where I lived. Wanted to know what they should do with you.

ASK: Oh man…I can just imagine that scene, you wandering around asking about Pimp C like an idiot!

MS: Yeah. And you know what I look like. So you can just imagine…

ASk: What are you up to now?

MS: I just started shooting for Esquire. I’ve been dreaming about it for years. And it took twelve years. It’s not like I’m shooting covers. But it’s a start. It’s exciting. And you know how hard it is to transition when you have done urban stuff for a long time.

ASK: I don’t know much about photography. But I feel like I should ask you what kind of camera you use. For all my readers who may want to know that kind of thing.

MS: I use a Contract 645. And I have a Leica. All film. No digital. But I don’t like to get into what I use…

ASK: Why not?

MS: Because some of my best photos were taken with a Pentax K-1000. Which is a beginniner camera. It’s not about the equipment. It’s what you do with it. I was at lecture one time and this photographer was asked what kind of camera he used. He said it was like asking Hemmingway what kind of typewriter he used. It doesn’t matter. Don’t get caught up in that. I don’t know anything about equipment.

MS: Well, you know more than I do about cameras.
MS: Maybe. But really, what do you know about code and the inner workings of a blog?

ASK: Absolutely nothing.

MS: You just care about getting the words down.

ASK: True. So any advice for aspiring photographers?

MS: Don’t run out and get a digital camera with a zoom lens and think you’re straight. Play around with different hings. People are too quick. They are not patient. Esquire was always one of my dream magazines. It took me 12 years. And I’m not shooting the cover. It’s like Tupac said. Be true to the game and the game will be true to you.

ASK: Does it annoy you when people ask you to do head shots and weddings?

MS: Nah. I’m good about just saying no, I don’t do that.

ASK: So you won’t shoot my kid?

MS: You had a kid?

ASK: Yeah. She’s two.

MS: Is she cute?

ASK: No. Not really.

MS: What do you mean?! Everyone thinks their kid should be a model.

ASK: Nah, not mine.

MS: Scale of 1-10.

ASK: A solid three. Like me.

MS: Whatever!

ASK: Hey, she’s a funny looking kid! I’m okay with that. I was a funny looking kid too.

MS: Okay, now I have to shoot her. When are you bringing her into the City?

ASK: When the weather gets warm, we’ll be there. Thanks for doing this interview Mike. You’re awesome.

MS: Yeah, I am awesome.*

*I made this last quote up. But trust me. It’s totally something he would say.

Even though Mike never really thought about being a photographer, when he was in the first grade, he made this little man out of felt. And dude is holding a camera. So I'm thinking maybe it was always meant to be...

Even though Mike never really thought about being a photographer, when he was in the first grade, he made this little man out of felt. And dude is holding a camera. So I’m thinking maybe it was always meant to be…

52 Responses to “A Conversation with…Mike Schreiber”

  1. Michael A. Gonzales Says:

    I’ve worked with Mike a few times, and always thought very highly of him. I was the one who wrote that Ol’ Dirty story, and was with Mike when he shot those pictures. That was one of the saddest days of my life and like Mike, I didn’t think he was long for this world. That was the one piece that almost made me say, “Fuck hip-hop.” But, as usual, Mike did his thing.

  2. Jovi Says:

    Nice story and insight into the photos. His photos are beautiful and can tell a story on its own. I’m not that good with camera but love the black and white shots.
    Never thought about photographers and writers going the extra ‘dangerous’ mile for the best photo or story. Glad you both made it out safe. Now that you are a Mommy, would you put yourself in that situation again?

    ODB – R.I.P. Did not know his teeth were that bad.

    Can’t wait for the Mos Def details.

    TOG is cute and so are you. Stop it. Didn’t the T&C photos bring back memories. I think you are beautiful inside and OUT.

  3. Aliya S. King Says:

    @michael: wow. that is crazy. so glad you checked in on this joint, Michael…
    @Jovi: thanks honey. and yes, even now, as a mother, I’d still do some crazy stuff to get my story. The problem now is that I’m just too TIRED to chase after anyone!

  4. jay1 Says:

    That ODB pic is gold.

  5. Katura Says:

    Great interview! And I so agree with you that lots of people think they can write, or think that writing well is easy and not a talent. I’m glad Mike said he’s gifted. That’s not cocky. But of course, I’ve never met the guy. I will be forwarding this blog entry. I know plenty of people who should read it.

  6. Ashley Says:

    Good interview. Great questions and very insightful.

  7. Nelson Says:

    interesting story… so many pieces of it brought me way back.

    thanks aliya!

  8. Aliya S. King Says:

    @jay1: ain’t it though? it gives me chills.
    @katura: trust me. he’s cocky too. =)
    @ashley and nelson: THANK YOU!! I have Mike to thank. He’s awesome.

  9. Hanif Says:

    It’s so great to get prospective on these things. From an outside prospective it seemed ODB was doing good, signing to the ROC getting ready to put his album out…and for the insiders to see his grim fate and for Mike to capture that picture, with his smile saying, I’m good, I’m the Osiris of this Sh** and his eyes saying help.

    When I read this and your other stories it makes me think about how you see this industry and hip hop in general. You get a direct picture (no pun) and a view of the actual person, you write their truths (as you see it) and Mike captures the image, they can’t hide. I don’t know, it’s just awe-inspiring.

  10. Portia Says:

    Great story Li…keep ’em coming…

  11. mike schreiber Says:

    best quote: Yeah, I am awesome.*
    if you’d asked, i WOULD have said it!
    why not?
    for real though, thanks for the love.
    it was fun reminiscing.

  12. Aliya S. King Says:

    @hanif: Wow. I forget that the whole world may not have seen ODB falling apart. But I definitely knew the Rocawear deal and the reality show were just examples of people trying to squeeze blood from a rock. He was not well. And it was clear. As far as documenting stories, I think Mike gets a clearer “picture” than I do. When I write a story, I give you my angle. I tell you what *I* see. Mike just tells us what’s there. Y’know?
    @portia: Thanks honey
    @mike: seriously. my favorite post thus far. thank you.

  13. Nkuli Says:

    found mike’s website about a month ago and im digging his work. Trying to do something cool with him our there in South Africa
    Lovely images :-)

  14. Aliya S. King Says:

    @nkuli: isn’t he the best?

  15. richlouis Says:

    nice i will read the rest of this later on.

    I guess Mike is arrogant when he is shooting
    I would have never thought

  16. A Conversation with…Mike Schreiber « Aliya S. King | Richard Louissaint Photography: The Journal Says:

    […] A Conversation with…Mike Schreiber « Aliya S. King. […]

  17. Aliya S. King Says:

    @richlouis: he’s arrogant when he’s sleeping.

  18. paloma Says:

    dope interview… :)

  19. richlouis Says:


  20. mike schreiber Says:

    it’s funny, i always thought of myself as pretty humble.
    oh well.
    whatever it is, it works for me.

  21. may nogoy Says:

    i’ve seen some of his work from the dog park, cuba, and south america…and even his perspective of the fashion world through his lens, and the theme that remains constant throughout is his loyalty towards representing beauty in between the lines. it ends up being what is natural and raw. it’s not like he’s even trying to do that. it’s just exactly how he see the world. from a deeply humble place. that’s where his split seconds in between are seen.

  22. may nogoy Says:

    i’ve seen some of his work from the dog park, cuba, and south america…and even his perspective of the fashion world through his lens, and the theme that remains constant throughout is his loyalty towards representing beauty in between the lines. it ends up being what is natural and raw. it’s not like he’s even trying to do that. it’s just exactly how he see the world. from a deeply humble place. that’s how his split seconds in between are seen.

  23. Aliya S. King Says:

    @may: natural and raw. two good words to describe his work, indeed.

  24. Kitty Hawk Says:

    Mike is great! Really great!

  25. mike schreiber Says:

    for the record, i was misquoted in the dmx story!

  26. Aliya S. King Says:

    @mike: you were? How so? My apologies. Let me know and I’ll fix it post haste!

  27. Elsa M. Says:

    Absolutely LOVE this blog post — both subject and writer :)

  28. yes Says:

    the felt camera man is cute

    I used to want to be a photographer, seems like everyone is doing it these days though and I don’t like doing what everyone else is doing so…

    I’ve never seen The Wire either or Sex in the City

  29. Aliya S. King Says:

    @Elsa: thankyou!!
    @yes: so I’m not the only one who has never seen the wire! I have seen a few episodes of SATC. But I think TheHusband has seen more episodes than I have.

  30. zuhirah Says:

    Mike is one of my favorite people and i consider myself an OH – (originally hustled :) — and for good cause, he was reliable, funny and always got the shot.

    Aliya: i heart your blog

  31. zuhirah Says:

    and can i say something else that mike doesnt mention (cuz perhaps he’s not as arrogant as he seems) about photography/photographers.. mike may be right, it’s not about the type of camera he uses. but i do think it’s about the person that he is. he’s a funny mofo with integrity and heart. people (and even dogs!) feel that, sense that, and open up to him.. if only for a moment, and he’s quick/present enough to capture it

  32. may nogoy Says:

    @zurhirah: word.

  33. Gregory Johnson Says:

    Gotta co-sign Mr. Gonzalez on Mike doing his damn thing. I cant explain how happy I was when I saw his fotos for the Chad Johnson piece–it’s the only interview Ive ever done on my birthday, and Im a pretty big fan of Chad the person and the player (making it out of Liberty City / Overton without a bunch of baggage is an accomplishment on its own) so he took what was already one of my favorite interviews and gave it a classic look.

  34. Gregory Johnson Says:

    @ Zuhirah – EXCELLENT observation. Real recognizes real as they say.

  35. ghada Says:

    Great article…. I really admire your honesty. Go for it, be as cocky as you want to be, you deserve it.

  36. Tigist Selam Says:

    I truly believe, that sometimes it takes an outsider of a group to reveal the group to itself. And to me, that is exactly what Mike Schreiber does in his work. He does not romanticize or glorify his subjects, because he is not a ‘Hip Hop head’, as he openly states. Thus, his photographs are more than raw beauty to look at. They are a very accurate, and therefore important, documentation of a widely misrepresented culture.
    Moreover, I see an honest and memorable reflection of an intelligent, funny, talented, passionate and bona fide hustler from Long Island in each of his photographs.

    Much love and appreciation to both of you! I truly enjoyed the interview. x

  37. Aliya S. King Says:

    @Gregory: I’d love to read the piece! Is it online?

  38. Aliya S. King Says:

    @zuhirah. You’re right. He’s hilarious. When I called him to do this interview, he answered the phone in this SUPER deep, ultra-low, “interview” voice. He had my laughing out loud in the first thirty seconds. Before I could even ask my first question.

  39. Aliya S. King Says:

    @tigist: thank YOU so much. I appreciate your kind words.

  40. Aliya S. King Says:

    @ghada: don’t encourage him! =)

  41. Aliya S. King Says:

    @Zuhirah: THANK YOU!

  42. b.ING Says:

    of COURSE he’s cocky, he’s a taurus :)
    GREEEAT interview!!
    (you know its good, when u wanna know more
    about the interviewer, too-lol)

  43. Julian Alexander Says:


  44. Aliya S. King Says:

    @b.ing: aww, thanks!

  45. Retha Says:

    I’m just gonna use AGB for “another great blog” from now on…since I live in acronym world.
    Anyway AGB! Great interview, great questions. Aliya, you are so funny!
    Love his pics….So does he or doesn’t he shoot kids? :)

  46. Josephine Leily Says:

    I had a blast reading this interview! I could not stop cracking up…the details in the photoshoot process … esp DMX and Pimp C! omg! Mike is awesome ; ) lol Love his work and POV = )

  47. Aliya S. King Says:

    @retha: I’m gonna find out this summer when I take my little one for a visit…

  48. The Week In Review: February 14th 2009 « Aliya S. King Says:

    […] My favorite post this week, (possibly of all time), was my conversation with Mike Schreiber. […]

  49. elzo Says:

    This is a sikk blog!! Deffo got me inspired…just made me realise…or made me wanna push myself towards doing wot i wanna do…the photography industry is hard…i aint even in it yet n i know that so this is a good push for me to focus and get myself out there as a photographer n enjoy it!!! elzo…all the way from the Uk!!

  50. Aliya S. King Says:

    @elzo: thank you for checking in from the UK! Keep us posted on your career. Mike made it happen for himself through diligence and hard work. Get to it!!

  51. K Dubb Says:

    Well, alright now. Good interview Aliya! I especially like that question about what advice to give aspiring photographers. LOL! But yea, this post was right on time… I didn’t know Mike’s name prior to now, but I’ve definitely seen his work, especially the ones related to music. Good stuff! Shoot, I ain’t quitting MY day job, just yet, but photography is definitely one of my “i-wish-i-could” hobbies… I suppose I’ll get more serious about it one of these days…

  52. nonkululeko Says:

    hey miss
    trying to send you a private mail
    how do i do that?
    let me know or if you dont mind can u please drop an email.


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