The Week In Review: February 14th 2009



This was the Best. Blogging Week. Ever.

The stars were in alignment. Something was in the water.

I feel like we were all “right there” as Martin would say to Gina.

We started off chatting about The Grammy Awards. The best part about blogging is having a community. And we all pretty much agreed that the awards left much to be desired. A few bright spots here and there. But overall. Snoozefest. MIA went into labor soon after performing Swagga Like Us and delivered a boy on Wednesday.

That outfit notwithstanding, I do think it’s pretty kickass that she performed on her due date. The idea that her water could break while she was performing made that segment more exciting than seeing those four dudes bumping into each other on stage.

My favorite post this week, (possibly of all time), was my conversation with Mike Schreiber.

Mike is hilarious. His stories had me cracking up. And his pictures are very powerful. If you haven’t yet checked out his website, I urge you to do so.

On Wednesday, I debuted a new column, in which new writers send pitches they’re having difficulty placing in magazines. A very brave soul by the name of Rosalyn Yates offered her pitch to the chopping block.

All together now: It’s too long!!

Rosalyn got some valuable advice. And mark my words, you will see Ms. Yates’ names on a newsstand near you. I am sure of it.

On Thursday, I confessed another of my Geek Love obsessions: my DayTimer planner.

And of course, my dear readers are JUST as geeky as I am about their organziational systems. (Post-It notes Shydel, really?)

My dear readers chimed in with their dry-erase boards, scraps of paper, cell phone memos and composition books. After reading some of the responses, I’m starting to think I’m just overbooked. One reader said she never put more than three things on her To-Do list. Wow. I’m usually rocking at least ten things every day.

And TG pointed out something really geeky that I do. I often write things down in my planner AFTER I’ve completed the task. Just so I can have the pleasure of crossing it off. That’s pretty bad.

But ny dear reader Tarana has me beat. Check out homegirl’s binders.


She’s even got the insert thingies in the spine. And they’re typed.

I get some kind of weird thrill seeing how other folks on the quest to achieve organizational nirvana do their thing. Like a true freak, I asked my dear readers to send me pictures of their work. I even bribed you all and made it a contest. The first to send in pictures would receive India.Arie’s new album.

Well, Ms. Tarana is our winner. Congratulations Tarana, hit me up at with your snail mail address so I can send you your prize.

And finally, I ended the week by publicly humiliating myself. Singing in a recording studio was nerve-wracking. But actually posting it here was downright terrifying. My commenters were very kind. ‘Cause y’all know I sounded awful.

A conversation with TH yesterday:

Me: Did you check out my blog?

TH: Um. Yeah.

Me: I sounded awful didn’t I?

TH: Yeah, you did. I thought you could sing better than that!

Me: So did I!

TH: One of the commenters said you were out of your range. I think that’s the case. I’ve heard you sing. You don’t sound that bad.

It’s true dear readers. He said it. And I swear it’s true. I don’t usually sound THAT bad. I need a do-over!! I need to pick a song with a different register. My voice is deep!

Alas. I won’t get a do-over. It’s over. And I’m okay with that. I think.

Like this week, my singing career has come to an end.

I’ll see you all on Monday. Have a restful Sunday…


8 Responses to “The Week In Review: February 14th 2009”

  1. yes Says:

    I type all kind of notes and to-do lists on my iTouch. One day I plan on organizing my receipts, but they just keep piling up. :(

  2. Tarana Says:

    I won! Wow! I NEVER win anything. I’m so flattered (even though you called me Tremaya from NY) I WON! Thank you…all of you…supply geeks unite!

  3. Tremaya Says:

    LOL, Aliya I know I’m a geek like you, but those are not my binders, however you already know I appreciate Tarana’s hustle…organization is beautiful! Ironically I did buy more supplies this week, you can check my Facebook album, Office Depot had a nice sale this week, and yes Uniball’s are involved. LOL!

    Yes, this was indeed a great week and I was definitely feeling your organizer. I have a Franklin Covey with the P.O.V refill, a Palm TX (this is where all my passwords lie, because I can password protect my memos on here), two cell phones (long story, but I just didn’t want to give up my Houston cell number after relocating back home, sentimental thing I guess), two laptops (one is a relic, but there’s this really cool free program called Synergy that lets me use one mouse to work on both laptops at once. I love having two monitors, takes me back to my days in finance), 4 flash drives (I love those things, especially since I haven’t bought an external hard drive yet (sigh)) and of course Post-its, although I buy generics. Can’t justify paying all that dough on paper I’m just going to eventually trash.:)

    P.S. Your singing was the highlight of my week, so unashamed…it was a beautiful thing. LOLOLOL!

    P.S.S. Your bag in the Suave post was hot, I love over sized bags and purses.

  4. Aliya S. King Says:

    @tarana: dagnabbit! How did I screw that up. I know Tremaya from Tarana, I swear I do!! Curses!

  5. Aliya S. King Says:

    @Tremaya, are you a Libra too? I also have two cell phones. Also a long story. And did you say you can password protect your memos?! And that you have two laptops. And flash drives! I. Love. Flash Drives! I can do a whole post on them!! And yeah, why are Post-Its so damn expensive?!?! P.S. I’m working on a post right now on my bag. Stay tuned. =)

  6. Tremaya Says:

    @Aliya, no, I’m a Taurus…albeit a late one..April 24th. Cool, I can’t wait to hear about the bags! Just so you know, you are SO not good for my addictions.:)

  7. writeousone Says:

    This was the best blogging week ever…so many topics…so many laughs!!! Niiiiice!

  8. Aliya S. King Says:

    @writeouseone: THANK YOU! I had a great time this week.

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