6 Things I Learned This Week



I learned six very important things this week… Thanks to my dear readers.

1. There’s a dance called “The Stanky Leg.”
A dear reader named Michael has a blog that makes me laugh out loud. In the comments section on my post on the restructuring of VIBE, he mentioned that he was two assignments away from “doing the Stanky Leg dance in the streets for spare change.” I was howling with laughter. Please read his post on The Stanky Leg. And the Halle Berry. (The Halle Berry!! It’s a song and a dance. And it is very suspect.)

2. My dear readers in the writing business are worried. And rightfully so. I am too. But not too much. You know why? ‘Cause I’m planning to kick ass and take names this year. I’m not playing. I’m not letting these young whippersnappers run me out of the game. Oh no I’m not. Got something for all y’all. Don’t we old heads?! That’s right!! I gotta get my Nelson George on! Hmph.

3. Alisha Tillery is very brave. Go girl. I also learned that magazines use the expression 20s. Not twenties. Who knew? Not me!

4.There’s a Canadian team in the NBA! Used to be two of ’em! And that’s why Tamia was singing O Canada at the All Star Game!!

5. Tyler Perry is awesome. But the Madea films stink.

6. We have a very special community here.

Several posts became interactive communities and I feel like we all learned a lot. Whether you are a career writer whom we all look up to, (Denene Milner commented on my little old blog?!), or a reader who works in construction and just likes to tune in and give his two cents, (always appreciate your thoughts Timothy), or you are one of my always-down commenters who never lets a single post go by without weighing in, (Katura! Lucky! SLB, Tremaya where you been? La Negrita, Hanif…oh shoot. I’m gonna get myself in big trouble doing this. You know who you are!)

I appreciate everyone’s words of encouragement. Not just to me but to our fellow dear readers. I read the comments section and it straight up warms my heart and gives me a little lump in my throat. Sniff.

Dear readers, what was your favorite story this week? I’d love to hear from you…

7 Responses to “6 Things I Learned This Week”

  1. Michael Says:

    Oh, wow, thanks for the shout out. That means a lot coming from you. FYI, as of this morning I have the “Halle Berry” mp3 so I will be randomly screaming “HALLLLLLEEEE BERRRRRY” for no reason all week.

    My favorite post this week was your review of “Madea Goes To Jail.” Sometimes I enjoy his plays for what they are, other times I feel exactly the way you do. I totally agree about supporting him if it means other stories get told. You’ve probably read it already, but Tyler did a great Q&A w/ The Hollywood Reporter: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/features/interviews_profiles/e3iee816b19c15d56f15245079bbadc3329?pn=1.

    I admire his his story and all that he’s accomplished.

    Thanks again!

  2. Tremaya Says:

    Hey Aliya,
    I’m here girl, I’m here. LOL! I’ve been reading religiously but have been too lazy to comment. I tell my best friend that I need to make a cup of tea and snuggle up with my laptop and really set aside time to re-read and totally appreciate all your posts again, because you drop some serious insight and knowledge that just can’t be casually perused. :) I enjoyed all the posts this week (as usual), but as a copywriter I have a special affinity for the “Pitch Me’s” and this week’s Vibe Restructuring post. Can’t wait to see what you got cookin’ for next week.:)

  3. TLAWrites Says:

    I really enjoyed the pitch me section this week. I like the way that the criticism has been a nice combination of constructive mixed with 100% straight no chaser. The Madea section was good too. It was like a taboo topic in the black community was being discussed. I was happy to read the comments on it because it let me know that things can be discussed without everybody getting all hatery (yeah, hatery) and ignorant.

    I thought about TP. Now that he has that core audience, reeled them in with what he’s done so far, I think its time for him to take it to another level.

  4. hanif Says:

    Thanks for the shout out. My daughter ask “daddy is this your faviorite thing to do?” I replied “no baby spending with you and mommy is my favorite thing but this one of them.”

  5. Mocha Dad Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with #5.

  6. aqua Says:

    Co-sign on the Madea flicks. Black men in drag is a poor luck, especially since the Chapelle’s Show debacle. I can’t even watch Martin reruns with Shanaynay anymore.

  7. Jovi Says:

    6 Things I Learned this Week
    – I missed the NBA all star game
    – Stanky leg
    – I understand the impact to writers during these trying times
    – Rudy has veneers
    – Tyler is suspect
    – Aliya needs her hair done, but is beautiful regardless

    Work had me swamped this week and so mad that I am behind in the reads :-(

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