The Best Of…Volume One


Today, I’m straight biting off my friend Anslem Samuel.

He’s started running occasional best-of posts, recapping some of his more popular entries. (Actually, he said he was biting off me and my week in review posts) So I’m biting off his bite. Got that?

Here are my top five rated posts thus far in my blogging career. (Yeah, I know. It’s only been two months.)


5.  Quickies: The Roots, Erykah Badu and Tia Kemp:

This wasn’t an epically long post. I’m actually not sure why it was so popular. I’m assuming people landed here because they were doing a search for Ms. Kemp, Rick Ross’ babymamma. In the comments sections, I finally got a break down on the lineup of The Roots. (Sidebar: Did they start on Jimmy Fallon yet? Are they good?)


4. The Critque: Tyler Perry as Madea:

I saw my first Tyler Perry movie a few weeks ago. (One word: groan.) Again, the comments make this post one of my favorites. I’m still torn between respecting Tyler Perry’s gangster and cringing at the bad acting in his Madea films.


3. The Vibe Restructuring: Is this the beginning of the end of my freelance career?

Best. post. ever. If you are a writer. Or know a writer. Or you’re thinking of writing. I urge you to read this post. And most especially the comments section. Good valuable no-nonsense talk up in there. Word.


2. Geek Love: My Uniball Pens: Who would think a post about my favorite pen would prove so popular!? I’m a straight up geek about what I write with. And it warmed my heart to know that I am not alone.


1. A Conversation With…Mike Schreiber.

My favorite section on this blog is A Conversation With… hands down. One of these days, I’ll mess around and re-name this blog: A Conversation With… and do these posts every day. (Have someone you’d like to see profiled in this section? Email me at My first column featured photographer Mike Schreiber. It’s my number one post so far.

Dear Readers, what have been your fave posts thus far? I’d love to hear from you…


13 Responses to “The Best Of…Volume One”

  1. Tarana Says:

    My favorite post (of course) was the one about the planner in which I WON this (fabulous CD, thank you it came yesterday…didn’t realze it was the “Words w/ India Arie” guy!!) It was also so interesting to see what other ocd A personality types like myself are up to. But really in general I just love this blog. ;-)

  2. Kanisia Says:

    My favorite post had to be Madea. It had me all teeth!

  3. Hassan Munford Says:




  4. BDP Says:

    I must say that the Tyler Perry post was the one I commented on but the uni-ball was my favorite because I thought I was the only one!!! LOL I favor my micros over all others!!

  5. mike schreiber Says:

    my favorite was the one about ME!!!

  6. Jovi Says:

    The missing Biggie belt. Had me sitting on the edge of my seat.

    SUAVE. Your singing…

  7. jay1 Says:

    the biggie belt thing was epic.

    i think my favorite so far, aside from anything that included helpful tips like “pitch me” or the one about america magazine, was the john lee thing.

    that was crazy. getting insight into that whole scandal, and all the extra about him hacking from pay phones and how he pretended to be a janitor to get dirt at mags was dope. that was a really good read.

  8. Tanisha Says:

    It’s hard to name a favorite! I really enjoyed John Lee & Madea. Mike Schreiber and Pitch Me (which I plan to do soon!) are up there too.

  9. Hanif Says:

    I love Pitch me! That is the best theme ever. I rather enjoyed the coffee shop thing too, How’s Omar?

  10. Brian G. Says:

    My favorite post was the one about the Uni-ball pens, I had no idea people are that serious about their office supplies.
    The Biggie belt was my second favorite.
    To be honest they are all good post.

    You are a gifted writer, thanks for sharing your talent.

  11. la negrita Says:

    My fave post is the conversation with John Lee, followed by the Vibe restructuring. Both are very informative.

  12. Hanif Sowell Says:

    @ la negrita:

    I googled the joint as soon as I read it too. Did you try and register? Very interesting, I think that site would definitly be relevant today.

  13. la negrita Says:

    @Hanif, no I didn’t register. I wasn’t sure if the site is still being updated today. I went straight to the Internet archives.

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