9:40 am..Getting Daddy’s paper…


Is it politcally incorrect to wonder why so many convenience stores seem to be owned by the same ethnicity? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Black person running a corner store since Kerr’s Sweet Shop on the corner of Springdale and Grove. And that joint burned down well over a decade ago.

Is there a theory on this? I’m genuinely curious.


2 Responses to “9:40 am..Getting Daddy’s paper…”

  1. jay1 Says:

    and it’s the same thing everywhere.

  2. Tremaya Says:

    I don’t think it’s politically incorrect at all, just reality. Every ethnicity has their “niche” per se. My theory is that it’s nothing more than finding a business opportunity that you or your family is already familiar with, is easy to enter, and that will remain viable.

    It’s just too bad we haven’t capitalized on these opportunities as much as others have.

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