Cleaning out my bag before I start working. (It’s a ritual. I can’t have clutter when I write) Found this business card someone gave me…

I was walking around Macy’s the other night. This woman walks up to me and says, “Here. Take my card. And give me a call if you need anything…”

She owns a hair salon.

How should I take that?

Is she saying, you look so fly that I’d love to have you in my shop?

Or. Is she saying, I don’t know what you have on under that warm and fuzzy hat but something tells me it ain’t all good.

I’m going for the latter.


Should I have been offended? I totally was. Though I don’t think she meant any harm. Maybe I’m too sensitive.

Oh. And what’s up with the crossed out digits on the business card? Once your number changes, I say you bite the bullet and re-up. No?

Have you ever rocked business cards with the cross-out? Don’t lie!

Oh. And should Charlene’s offer have offended me?


5 Responses to “Charlene..”

  1. Kenny Says:

    wow…don’t know how Charlene should take it. Ouch!

  2. jay1 Says:

    i love a business card thats altered by pen.

  3. Hassan Munford Says:

    Hey Liyah,

    If Im correct she used to be on Park Ave years ago when I lived in Org. I hear she is good but that is definitely tacky when vistaprint can print some new cards for like 10 bucks. That was just lazy…Oh and I wouldve gotten offended also if my hair wasnt done. LIKE WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS! LOl


  4. SoSoulfull Says:

    Man, not sure how to take that. I’d have to see her body language and facial expressions, but just going off of the convo you described, I’d have to say she was trying to drum up some new biz and figured she could rock you a new ‘do. I’ve had that happen to me, especially when the locs are looking all fuzzy, but I don’t trip. I went natural for a reason… BTW, yeah that card is tacky. I’m with Hassan, Vistaprint could’ve handled that real quick, but either way, I’m sure Charlene will be all smiles when she realizes all the free advertising you’re giving her… :-)

  5. Jovi Says:


    Why did you keep the card?

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