Getting dressed…


always drama for me. I’m the worst dresser. Trying to get better. Don’t put thought into it because I work alone. But that should not matter!

So I’m trying to wear real clothes every day. For me.

This is my go-to dress. Wear it at least twice a week.

15 bucks. From Target.


It’s black. Which is my fave. It fits. And it’s easy.

It’s gonna rain today. But I don’t wear my galoshes. I wanna wear my new fake Chanel ballet slippers. Hmmm. What to do…


5 Responses to “Getting dressed…”

  1. Katura Says:

    That’s a great dress.

  2. jay1 Says:

    it’s raining here too.

  3. dkwatts Says:

    I missed Michelle O. exiting AirForceOne. Glad I have a nice substitute.

  4. Brian G. Says:


  5. Jovi Says:

    Hey slim, is that a size 4 dress? You look fab. Gotta go to Target to get one this weekend.

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