No. I can’t. I can’t take it.


I heard awful, horrible not-good news yesterday about a magazine I love. Refuse to say it aloud until I read it somewhere official and it’s not a rumor. And then Tremaya leaves a comment about it on yesterday’s blog and it makes my stomach hurt. She said the internets are reporting it as fact.


I can’t.

And then, I log on to blog and a wesbsite reporting on it has tracked back to my interview with the editor in chief of said magazine. Which means it shows up on the sidebar of my blog.

Which makes it feel true.

No. I can’t.

This is effing tragic.

This is effing tragic.

3 Responses to “No. I can’t. I can’t take it.”

  1. jay1 Says:

    whether thats true or an april fools joke, it sucks.

  2. Brian G. Says:

    I hope it’s a joke….

    Good reading and great pictures.

  3. Tremaya Says:

    I’m sorry.:(

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