This concludes our broadcast day…


No grown-up dinner tonight.

I’m done.

My goose is cooked.

I’se tide boss.

Dead dog tired.


Must. sleep. now.

I’ll recap tomorrow.

Had a blast.

Hope you did too…

Oh. And if you don’t know what the hell’s going on, take it from the top baby. Happy reading…

thanks for coming out. God bless you. Good night.

thanks for coming out. God bless you. Good night.

5 Responses to “This concludes our broadcast day…”

  1. Hanif Says:

    I wish I would have caught this at the beginning of the day! However it was easy to keep up with you while reading everything in one sitting. I’m moving back up top. Finally, and I’m going crazy trying to get things in order. Nice way to end the day. Thanks.

  2. jay1 Says:

    what? it’s not even midnight yet!

  3. Yolonda Says:

    Nice journey but VERY tiring

  4. Jovi Says:

    Noooooooooo, not McD’s.

  5. serenakim Says:

    I’ve been there… oh I’ve been there plenty of times. In fact, that’s been me all freaking month.

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