Tonight’s TweetChat: Life After Hip Hop Journalism



Dear readers…

I had a great time last week during my first TweetChat and I’m urging you all to log on at 8 PM tonight for my weekly Q&A with my co-host, Chloe Hilliard.

Tonight’s topic: Life After Hip Hop Journalism and the Future of Urban Magazines. You all know that I have a lot to say on the topic. And I’m sure you all do too.

For those of you who are not yet on Twitter, get on board and stop playing!

Once you get your user id and password, log on to The name of the room you want to enter is #jsticks.

This is really the best way to enjoy the chat. Because you won’t see any other Twitter-traffic—just the Q&A. (You can also just log on to and participate that way. But it’s a bit more confusing.)

It’s on from 8-9:3o PM.

Our guest Tweeter will be the one and only dream hampton.

Here’s a sample of what went down last week. Enjoy. And I hope to see you online tonight!


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