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Dear readers, are you keeping up with what’s happening in Iran? Where are you getting your news? From Twitter? Or traditional media outlets? Will you come meet me in NYC for Meet The Blogger day? OH! And don’t forget, tonight is TweetChat! 8-9:30. Will I see you there?

As always, I’d love to hear from you!

6 Responses to “This week on”

  1. Renina Says:


    The lack of reportage on Iran blew me away yesterday to the point
    where I felt as a blogger, it was my responsibility to sit down
    and aggregate as much as possible to make sense of what was happening.

    I came to your site for the first time last week re, the Toure
    post [I am preparing a post on the plight of the Black writer,
    and some thoughts about your exchange] lols.
    I enjoyed your honesty and willingness to engage.

    We both know that it is easier to smug and dismissive.

    I think Ukachi, tried to introduce us in BK way back when
    Bill Clinton was president, as I was working on a zine
    at the New School. Small world, no?

    Meet/Tweet and greets are awesome. I have been to one
    that Big Ced has thrown at Negril’s. Nice to put human faces
    with online personalities.

    Thank you for creating this space online. Your community is awesome.


  2. Michael Says:

    You’re so cute, Aliya. LOL. Hahaha @ brought to you buy Yummy’s and the Clover comments. Can’t wait for her guest blog. LOVE Clover’s writing.

  3. Tanisha Says:

    Loving the commercials! This weeks topics are highly anticipated as usual!

  4. Sarah Rapp Says:

    I thought Twitter was a fun way for me to procrastinate and to communicate with others/see what celebrities are eating for lunch (haha) but the live tweets from the protestors in Iran made me change my mind. I think it’s a great way to get unfiltered news. I’ll keep my skeptics hat on for now, but I’m starting to see the real point of twitter as news now.

  5. Katura Says:

    Hil-a-rious bit at the end. My good friend Robyn gave me the BIGGEST compliment when she told me your blogs sound like pieces I’d write. I wish.

    Oh, I scrape my news from various web sites, including people’s Facebook links. I only watch tv for the weather (or to lull me to sleep) and shamefully, I rarely read a printed newspaper. Don’t yet use Twitter to get news, but soon come, I’m sure.

  6. AVADVA Says:

    fab and funny. keep ’em comin.

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