The Humpday Hangout for Hermit Crabs!


Do you work from home? Need a change of scene?

Do you work in NYC? Wanna take a coffee break and say hello?

Would you like a quick word of professional advice about journalism?

Want a quick Twitter tutorial?

Well, let’s go!

On Wednesday, June 24th, I’ll be working out of the Astor Place Starbucks in downtown NYC.

I hear this is the biggest Starbucks in the city. (Truth be told, I’d rather go to a mom-and-pop shop. But I spent two hours online and couldn’t find details on enough places. Do they have wi-fi? Outlets? Someone needs to write a definitive guide to where to freelance in NYC.)

So Starbucks it is.

If you work in the city, stop by on your lunch break and say hello!

If you work from home, bring that laptop! I’ll save an outlet for you.

I’ll be in the house from 10 to 3.

dear readers: Are you a hermit crab like me? Do you have to occasionally force yourself to break the monotony of your routine? Are you going to come by and say hello for our first Humpday Hangout? Does anyone know where the next Humpday Hangout can be held? Someplace cozy with wifi and plenty of outlets?

I’d love to hear from you…

3 Responses to “The Humpday Hangout for Hermit Crabs!”

  1. Sunny Dee Says:

    Very excited about Humpday Hangout! That’s not far from where I work. Unfortunately I’ll be out of town thus week but I look forward to joining the next one! As always, thanks for your innovative ways of keeping us connected.

  2. Yolonda Says:

    Aliya, would love to hang out with you in NYC, however, I work from home in ATL (smile). Have fun & have a latte for me.

  3. Patrice Says:

    Dang, so mad I have to miss this. But hopefully I’ll be able to attend the next Humpday Hangout. A few months back TONY had an article on great spots for freelancers, students, etc. I’ll try to find the link!

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