Reactions to the death of Michael Jackson: East Orange New Jersey


6 Responses to “Reactions to the death of Michael Jackson: East Orange New Jersey”

  1. Bill Says:

    Some of those responses were sad. How do you not know who Mike is? How do you not know ANY songs from Off The Wall? They have no idea what they are missing…

  2. Landis91 Says:

    Here are my answers to Aliya’s questions…

    First thing that popped into my head:
    I saw a tweet about it so I turned on CNN and it hadn’t been confirmed yet. I stayed glued to the television flipping back between CNN and FoxNews waiting for an official word.
    When they said he was in a coma the first thing I thought was that people come out of comas. Mike has been through a lot so this can just be another bump in his rocky road.
    Once it was official I kind of just stared through the tv for a while until I told Pops to change the channel.

    Last time I was bumping Mike’s music:
    Yesterday… Off the Wall.

    Will Mike be replaced:
    MJ changed the whole game from the age of 10. The music game did what Mike wanted. After the Jackson 5 it was like the whole music game wanted to duplicate that formula.
    The biggest sellers of today have turned, “Michael Jackson” into a genre of music (ie. Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo… the list goes on). People will never change the game like he did as long as they stay inside the box.
    That’s what made him great. He didn’t want to stay within the limits of what the people behind the machine wanted. Artists today think that writing your own song is “doing something different. People don’t understand how much of a trailblazer Jackson actually was.

    Did I ever see him perform live:
    I have not, which is why I was putting serious consideration into going to London with a friend to catch one of the shows. I watch clips of him online and on the tapes that I have from when I was a kid.

    Favorite album:
    It sounds trite but I can’t really pick one. All of his albums are so good that I feel like I would be slighting one by favoring another.

    Earliest memory:
    Pops recorded this concert of him on HBO and I was in awe of the fact that grown men were passing out at the sight of Mike. There was a guy that passed out in a wheelchair and the audience had to crowd-surf his unconscious self, still in the chair, to the sectioned off area for all the passed out people.

    How old I am:
    24. I am definitely old enough to appreciate his music. He is my favorite musical artist of all time. I finally understood how people felt when Biggie died.

    Final thought:
    People let the TMZ era taint how great of an artist Michael Jackson actually was. For the past 5 years, possibly longer, he was just the butt of everyone’s joke. I tried to sing his praises to anyone around me (which is why my cell has been blowing up), but I continually got laughed at.
    Now these flowers-for-the-dead ass people want to act like they haven’t been throwing dirt on his name. People want to throw up MJ icons on twitter and play the one or two songs they have downloaded on their iPod. It actually kind of upsets me to see him go so under appreciated.

    Have Fun.

  3. Katura Says:

    My earliest really vivid memory was watching the Thriller video at the babysitters house and thinking that Michael was actually singing every time the video came on. Didn’t grasp the concept of lip synching.

    Favorite album–Off the Wall. I think it was my first album too. By the time Thriller came out, I had the requisite posters plastered all over my room (my favorite was one of him lying on the floor, leaning on his elbow. He had on a yellow sweater and a brown leather jacket. And the curl was fresh, of course.) Naturally, I had to get a red pleather jacket, pretend I could moonwalk, and watch the premieres of his videos. Black or White first showed on Fox at primetime, right? That was big. Nearly busted my face trying to do the lean in the “Smooth Criminal” video. I onlt recently heard that magnets on the floor did the trick.

    I was just listening to “Butterlies” yesterday. I know Floetry wrote it, but I love the way Michael Jackson sang it. But really, I have no idea what my favorite Michael song is. Prob. PYT or Wanna Be Startin Something.

    I always feel extra bad when people pass and it doesn’t seem like they’ve had an opportunity (or didn’t take the opportunity) to really enjoy their life. I think the former applies to Michael Jackson. I know watching the Jacksons’ movie on VH-1 and reading Katherine Jackson’s book about the family doesn’t make me an expert, but I feel like he wasn’t really happy. And for someone who brought so many people so much joy, that’s a shame.

  4. cherryl Says:

    i was shocked and devastated today when i heard. people call elvis a king – he was nothing compared to mj.

    mj was not only the king of pop, he was the king of soul, rock, funk, dance, marketing and just being a for real for real straight up megastar.

    the world has never seen anything like him, and never will again.

    he became a megastar before pro tools and twitter, when having talent actually meant more i think because of how hard you had to push artists marketing wise to get them into certain areas of the world.

    now, everybody and they grandma is an “artist” and the artistic quality of the game has suffered tremendously because, instead of a wide variety of acts daring to be different and giving us a wide variety of what they as individuals can do, everything tends to sound quite formulaic.

    i miss james brown and mj – two of the funkiest soul brothers to ever grace this earth and i feel truly sorry for kids today who will never know what it feels like to have your heart and mind graced by tunes from a real megastar.

    usher, neo, chris brown…a few folks have kinda come close but…no cigar.

    mj started young so he was working with like 3-4 generation of fans, but there was just this extra quality about him that no one else besides maybe jb has come close to.

    he was more than an icon, more than a legend, he was just the greatest of all time.

    i would say more but i might start wiping tears…did too much of that today already.

    rip mj – there was never one like you before, and there will never be another after you.

    except maybe his own idol, james brown. brown had the song and dance skizzlz, but because of his xtra blakity blak blakness he could unfortunately not venture into such a worldwide audience like mj was accepted into.

    mj was officially the first black dude it was ok for white girls to have a crush on – young white girls in brown’s era couldn’t crush soul brotha number 1 but mj fit the bill perfectly for mtv gen parents across the world.

    anyway…and yeah off the wall is my shizz too.


  5. mamajanna Says:

    He was always ours, even when he turned white, even when he married Lisa Marie, even when he was throwing “Blanket” around in the window, he was always ours. White folks had Elvis (although I must confess, I rocked Elvis too) but we had Michael. And the great thing is, although he was ours, he wasn’t just ours. He belonged to the world. Remember the Black or White video? Dr. Yemelyanov, one of our professors, says the people in Moscow have been delivering bouquets of flowers to the American Embassy all night long in memory of Michael. He says he defines his life by the impact Michael had on him in his youth. Who knew? Russia???!!!

    I’m heartbroken. I know everyone passes. One day I’ll be gone, and so will my kids and my grandkids, but that’s my head talking. My heart thinks everyone will live forever. Michael was my idol, an icon of all that is good and right about Black talent. He could sing, dance, write, act, create. He was a man for all seasons. Fred Astaire loved him. Fred Astaire, the dancingest fool ever!

    This morning I couldn’t motivate myself to get ready for work. Instead of watching Wimbledon matches, I’ve been watching MJ videos on MTV and VH1. I just couldn’t move from the bed. It’s as though I was paralyzed. And when they played You Are Not Alone, I almost cried!

    And you know, everyone’s coming out of the woodwork now talking about how great he was. I heard Sheryl Crow this morning. They were conspicuously absent during Michael’s troubles, but I honestly can’t say I blame them. No one wants to be affiliated with someone accused of abusing children, although frankly, I never thought there was a lot of truth to the accusations.

    I don’t have a favorite MJ song. I love them all, well except for that hideous duet with Paul McCartney, Say, Say, Say. Man, he was always ours!

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