Haftime’s New Music Monday: Ledisi, Kristina DeBarge and Joy Jones



Heather A. Faison, AKA Haftime, is  the young whippersnapper with her ears to the street. I’m the old fogey who’s trying desperately to keep up with what’s new and hot.

This week, Haftime introduced me to the progeny of an 80s legacy, a woman who wears some scary eyeshadow and a song I had to download on the spot.




Check out Kristina Debarge here. Then click here to check out Joy Jones. And fall in love with Ledisi right here.

Dear readers: What do you think? Is Kristina DeBarge upholding her musical legacy? Are you into Joy Jones or is she over your head? And tell me Ledisi is not dope. I dare you. I thought not. Isn’t she awesome?

Haftime and I would love to hear from you…

3 Responses to “Haftime’s New Music Monday: Ledisi, Kristina DeBarge and Joy Jones”

  1. Yolonda Says:

    Haftime, all great choices. Gonna buy all three TODAY. Thanks for the reviews

  2. jay1 Says:

    this is cool, i like the way y’all did this.

  3. Keisha Says:

    Ledisi is by far the best there is, but she’s not new. She’s been around for years. This is like her third album I think? But folks are just tuning in to her. I’m glad you got turned on to her, she’s worth it. If you like the new stuff, look up one of her older albums – definitely a finders keeper.

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