New Music Monday…Maybe? Sorta? Kinda?


Had an awesome weekend. Met new online friends in real life. Met old friends in real life.

Life was good.

I got to meet the super awesome Haftime–in person! And we checked out new music together, live from Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Alas, I kept Haftime out too late. She didn’t make it back to Philly in time to layout our post.

So check in tomorrow for New Music Monday. It will be oh so worth it. Here’s a sneak peek!

Happy Monday!

Check back tomorrow to hear what we listened to!

3 Responses to “New Music Monday…Maybe? Sorta? Kinda?”

  1. Carmen Says:

    Hi Aliya! It was great meeting you at the barbecue on Saturday. I’ve been thinking about our brief conversation non-stop ever since! I am in hopes we can connect again in the near future.. by the way, after one day of reading your blog and guest posts, I’ve absorbed a number of writing and editing tips and enjoyed some good laughs. Keep up the fantastic work!!

  2. Alisha Says:

    Aww, look at you two! That was so sweet to meet up and rock out at the concert together.

  3. Aliya S. King Says:

    @carmen Thanks girl! Nice meeting you too! Stay in touch!

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