Be My Guest: Live from Asbury Park


I should be home editing a Be My Guest column.

It’s actually my favorite section of the blog.

Two reasons why this is not happening.

1. I don’t have a column in the well. Someone who shall remain nameless, (you’ll find out next week), is late with his column. Ahem. And while I have a few in the can, they haven’t been properly edited yet.

2. I don’t feel like blogging today. So I’m playing hooky and posting this from the beach at Asbury Park. Grabbed my momma, my sister, TG, Tog and my nephew and made tracks early this morning.

Sun feels good on my face.

See you guys tomorrrow.

One Response to “Be My Guest: Live from Asbury Park”

  1. Bob37 Says:

    We seem to think that we should be able to control humans as well. ,

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