Went to an animal shelter today. Fell in love with a dog named Oliver. If TH vetoes the adoption of this mutt with a gimpy hind leg, I will file for divorce in the morning.

Oliver is five months old. He was found on the streets of Harrison, New jersey. The vet is not sure what breed he is. But she expects his leg to recover fully without treatment.

For now, he can only take short walks.

He’s very energetic.

I want this dog. And I’ve never had one before.

TH wants to visit more shelters since Oliver is the first dog we laid eyes on.

That’s funny. He didn’t say let’s look at one more baby when Tog appeared. We just knew she belonged with us.

Okay. I’m being dramatic.

But I want this dog.

TG and Tog are already in love. And so am I.

5 Responses to “Oliver”

  1. Nadine G./ @MadFreshDaily Says:

    Aww… LOL!

  2. Luvvie Says:

    If TH vetoes Oliver, I will do a special *wall slide* in your honor.

  3. Robyn Says:

    I hope you get Oliver..and keep TH!
    ; )
    Great story for a Monday morning. Thanks Aliya.

  4. Miss Dimples Says:

    How could he not fall in love with Oliver? I’m in love only through this pic :-)

  5. TG Says:

    Ok Oliver is ours now so stop worrying.I luv him, well we’re not his parents just his foster parents. Can u believe that foster parents for a dog? But I wouldn’t have it any other way! When he is six-monthes we’ll be able to officially adopt him! * screams yes off a cliff* Oh and thanks for the wall slide luvvie

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