I’ll Tumble 4 Ya



Months ago, I signed on, like the cyber-sheep that I am, for a Tumblr account. My net-guru N’Gai put me on to it. I created a page.

And then, like with myspace, Facebook and Twitter. I did nothing.

Forgot I had the account.

But so often, I have something to say that doesn’t fit in Twitter. But doesn’t deserve a full blog post.

Enter Tumblr–microblogging.

I like it. A lot.

It may be a phase. Who knows. But for now, it’s fun.

I just wish people could comment directly on my Tumblr page. Does anyone know if that’s possible?

New Music Mondays may now become Tumblin’ Mondays. I can post Haftime’s recommendations. And I can intersperse with my own random observations throughout the day.

Fun! Check out today’s Tumbling!

Dear readers:

Are you on Tumblr? Do you like it? Are you OVER social media and refusing to create anymore user names and passwords?

I’d love to hear from you!!

2 Responses to “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya”

  1. Katura Says:

    Love the black dress, white heels, skinny red belt outfit. Yay!

    I think I AM over all the new usernames and passwords. I have a tough time keeping up with the accounts I have now. I will follow as you tumble, but I won’t tumble with ya.

  2. jovi Says:

    Never heard of this. Guess I have some homework to do.

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