The next step


Y’all know how I feel when I get a big thick envelope in the mail! I just got one plopped into my lap!

It’s the copy edited version of the still untitled Frank Lucas memoir.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a crazed nutcase lately. Completely consumed by my edits.

I haven’t been eating or sleeping. Just writing, re-writing, editing, tweeting and tumbling.

Quite honestly I feel like I’m losing it.

I now understand why musicians hole up in studios for weeks on end when recording. And why painters cut off their ears.

Okay. I’m exaggerating. But Im definitely in a fever of some sort.

Family’s living on fast food and I’d be mortfified if any one saw my living room right now.

And now, I have this Frank Lucas book to read.

This is probably good for me to switch gears and focus on another project for a minute.

apologies to all my dear readers ahead of time for my random obsessive tweeting and social media-ing.

I’ll be back to normal, soon. I hope.

2 Responses to “The next step”

  1. Luvvie Says:

    Even with your presence everywhere, you manage to be interesting, so I don’t mind!

  2. Michael Says:

    Your exhaustion from editing and re-writing is inspiring to me! Happy editing + reading!

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