Ugh. Part Two.


Still writing.

Still editing.

My hair is oily.

My face is breaking out.

I haven’t had a sensible meal in three weeks. Neither has Tog.

The dog’s peeing all over the house because he’s not getting enough exercise.

My TWA is linty.

I have 42 voicemails that I haven’t heard.

My cell phone is about to get disconnected.

My emails are overflowing. And unanswered.

I have 54 Facebook Friend Requests.

When I drop Tog off at daycare she asks, “who picking me up? Gramma? Dadddy?”

I read my edits in one hand while I’m rocking her to sleep at night with the other.

I have to go over the final manuscriipt of Frank Lucas’ Original Gangsta by the 17th.

And I shill for Yummy’s on a daily basis and provide weekly reports on our progress.

Until my world makes sense…


8 Responses to “Ugh. Part Two.”

  1. Alisha Says:

    Doesn’t sound good, but it’ll all be worth it in the end!

  2. slavismyname Says:

    wow. hang in there, sounds like a purpose-driven life to me.

  3. Thembi Says:

    This how it goes. People who did anything great and say that the final stretch was easy are either habitual liars or just embarrassed that they ever had broken out skin/wackmeals/a full inbox.

    This is your lot in life, and its a privilege.

  4. Arlice Nichole Says:

    “I read my edits in one hand while I’m rocking her to sleep at night with the other” The story of my life!

    But uh…if it’s what I think it is, wash the TWA! LOL

    Can’t wait for this book.

  5. Luvvie Says:

    The ends will justify the means. Keep chugging, Aliya!

  6. Retha Says:

    hang in there love!

  7. theprisonerswife Says:

    whoo whoo whoo

    it will be all goo in the end!

  8. Antonio Says:

    the classic HUSTLE.

    keep hustlin.

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