The designer forgot my middle initial.

And my name and the word “novel” will be a bit bigger.

A little tinkering will go down between now and July 4th.

But for the most part, this is what we’re working with.


Update: Here’s another version simmering:

Dear readers: You know what to do. Hit me in the comments. Tell me what you think. Be honest. Simon and Schuster is talking about raised foil lettering (!!!) and good placement. I sort of understand now why they changed the title.

I have to admit. I’m still not crazy about the title Platinum.

But I love this cover.

Do you?

[Props to Erica Kennedy, whoever designed my book was obviously influenced by Kennedy’s  BLING which she helped to design]

This is scary. I almost chickened out on this post. I don’t take criticism well. But hell, I’m about to go through the torture of book reviews. I better be able to handle someone telling me my title and cover art sucks.

I’m listening…

60 Responses to “No Tea For The PLATINUM”

  1. TIERRA226 Says:

    The cover art is definitely eye catching and the foil lettering will make it “pop” even more. I love it!

  2. Robyn Says:

    I LOVE IT!! ; )
    *Also love this entries title. Great stuff Aliya.

  3. Robyn Says:

    Ooops — meant to type “this entry’s title.” Pardon the typo — need coffee. ; )

  4. la negrita Says:

    Just realized that you and Staceyann Chin have the same publisher. Ha! And the cover looks great. ;-)

  5. kelly Says:

    the cover is amazing and a true eye catcher for even those of us that dont read that often lol….love it girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tremaya Says:

    Wow! That’s hot. I can’t wait to learn the connection between the new title and the story. I’m so excited for you!

  7. AmyNicole Says:

    LOVES IT!!! i’m a graphic designer too… very eye catching!!!!

  8. lipstickpunch Says:

    Visually, it’s amazing! I just wish I knew what your book was about to make the connection…congrats!!

  9. BibatheDiva Says:

    It’s very intriguing, Aliya.

  10. 2KnowHim Says:

    The cover is great; making the changes will make it hot. I like the original title but seeing this cover makes it easier for me to accept the new title lol. I’m anticipating the release! Congratulations.

  11. Alisha Says:

    I like! It was just what I thought it was. I like how the title is vertical, instead of horizontal. The way your name stands out in hot pink, it makes me wonder who you are. It could just be the girl in me.

    Glad you like it!

  12. Britni Danielle Says:

    The visuals are HOT, but the title itself still makes me think Street Lit. I wanna know how they came to this title (i know it’s catchy & prob easier to market than “…Tea,” but “No Tea For the Fever” just sounded SO DOPE to me! Oh well. I’m buying it either way!)

  13. anonymous Says:

    ^^ what she said.

    i haven’t been up to date w/ your blog lately, but when I saw this I thought it was the cover for frank lucas’s book. I didn’t know you changed the title of your book :(

    This cover did scream street lit. to me. I just LOVED “Not Tea For The Soul” anytime I saw your name or thought about your blog that title would pop in my head. It was like you already branded that title w/ your name.

    For some reason I think about the music industry when I see the word / title “Platinum.” Maybe that’s what the book is about? hmm idk. Either way the graphic design on the cover is well done and I can’t wait to purchase your book :)

  14. anonymous Says:


    “No Tea For The Soul”

  15. Lashonda Silver Says:

    The cover is great. I can see this catching many eyes in the bookstore, especially with the raised foil lettering!

  16. SoSi Says:

    I like it. The raised foil lettering is going to be dope.

    I wish I knew *exactly* why they decided ‘Platinum’ was a better fit because I absolutely LURVE ‘No Tea For The Fever’ but…it is what it is.


  17. anonymous Says:

    “No Tea For The Fever”

  18. Veronica Says:

    LOVE it. A lot! Muy seductive.

  19. Living Fly on a Dime Says:

    I’m not in love with the cover but it’s definitely eye catching and the vertical design is cool.

  20. yds17 Says:

    Like the vertical design. Very eye catching.

  21. Miss Dimples Says:

    It is eye catching…and if I didn’t follow your blog, I would classify it at street lit. I’m def buying because I enjoy your work, and now to see how they came up with the new name. BTW, I love your title “No Tea for the Fever.” :-)

  22. @KngtRdr Says:

    – Swap your name, and “A Novel”

    – Make “A Novel” the size of your name in this picture

    – Make your name 2-3 points larger.

    Looks great! Congrats!

  23. Eunique Says:

    I love the cover! Eye catching. The smokiness coupled with the vertical lettering is great.

  24. Belle Says:

    i love the cover.. mostly. it’s gonna look crazy hot when they’re all bundled together on a display. the vertical is dope. the smoke is crazy.

    the title evokes “the industry” which is i recall, is the setting.

    i don’t like the pink in your name and “a novel” i want it white or something. the pink just doesn’t match up for me in the overall scheme of it.

    so happy for you. you have no idea how bad I want to know what this moment is like for myself.

  25. Daniel Delaney Says:

    I really dislike the type choice for your name and the purple color. It’s very difficult to read, and doesn’t pop enough from the background.

    Is the book about drugs? That’s the first thing I thought about when I saw the smokey haze around the name…

  26. Elise Says:

    I am SO proud of you!

  27. anonymous Says:

    I like the cover, don’t like the title. I think it screams street lit, not great American novel. And the raised foiled letters I think would be even worse–like a rapper with a bunch of chains on, or five-inch fingernails studded in rhinestones. And I like both of those things–the blinged out rappers and the nails. They have their place. It’s just all about what image you want to protray, or what imaged you’re being forced to protray as the publishers have determined that they’re going to market to a certain audience.

    I liked No Tea for the Fever. That sounds like the title of a great American novel. I must admit, I was disheartened when I read that they were changing your title. It’s like they are pigeonholing black readers into the street genre, and discrediting the notion that black writers just may appeal to a broader audience.

    But then again, maybe I’m being too narrowminded in terms of my views of what a great American Novel is. Why can’t street lit be a great American novel?

    Overall though it doesn’t really matter what’s on the cover. It’s all a hustle. Better this cover than no cover at all, no book at all. And that’s what this blog and the book tour, and word of mouth is for–and of course great content.

    Can’t wait to read it!

  28. payson Says:

    I like the title alot actuallly! Platinum makes it sound really cool. But I think the color purple for your name doesnt pop to well, so maybe you should do a different color like light blue.

  29. Nanj Says:

    I love how the cover is eye catching and attention grabbing but I absolutely hate the title it just makes me think of street lit. No Tea for the Fever was waaaaaay better.

  30. la negrita Says:

    I liked No Tea for the Fever. That sounds like the title of a great American novel.

    Yes, and a title that I can work with when I write to Oprah!!! LOL, sorry. They are making my job harder. :-p

  31. Michelle D.A. Says:

    I dig the cover. It’s catchy. The smokey effect is sweeeet. ;-)

    As for the title, I don’t like it because it reminds me too much of your colleague’s (Erica Kennedy) book. It seems as if Simon & Schuster is trying to obtain the same success as Bling with a similar title and book cover. Eh, marketing.

  32. mizzsuga Says:

    I guess…i know you’ve already explained enough in your blog about why they thought it was best to change the title, but “No Tea For The Fever” had that memorable feel to it…i thought it was classic

  33. Aliya S. King Says:

    Don’t mind me, guys. I’m just gonna go jump off a ledge now.

  34. Shoulda kept the old title Says:

  35. la negrita Says:


    Hahahaha. I really LOLed at that. Your writing will transcend whatever package it’s wrapped in. You are not your book title! And anyone who is familar with your work knows that.

    sidenote: Before I “met” you, I honestly thought the reason your name showed up so many times in my fav mags was because you knew somebody, haha. I remember telling my friend, “OMG! She’s really talented and thorough!”

    I was proven wrong, and I’m sure the same will happen to those who are close-minded going in.

  36. Yolonda Says:

    Love it!

  37. cherryl252washere Says:

    not feelin the cover.

    liked “no tea for the fever” too, but also understand a bit about marketing and image making, even when it comes to writers.

    not image making on your part, on your publisher’s part.

    the cover looks too smokey to me, and i think i would prefer the “platinum” title more to to the left, not in the center, and your name (with the “s”, of course) bigger and more centered.

    i’m interested in seeing the binding on the side.

    ok just my 2. sheesh. i’m just proud that you finished the book. you, to me, have achieved that holy grail of writing success, motherhood, wifehood. congratulations!

  38. Safera Says:

    Congratulations Aliya!

    Remember you have the full picture. You know what the book is about and how the cover art embodies the spirit of the book.

    IMHO I kind of agree with cherryl252washere and would either a) Place Platinum on the far left with your name at the bottom right (perhaps with “a novel by” just above) or b) place Platinum on the far right at the edge of the book. Not sure about how to place your name and still make it prominent. The pink font color didn’t appeal to me at first, but it makes your name stand out so I guess it serves its purpose. Someone mentioned a light blue font maybe an ice blue would compliment Platinum as it stands.

    @Shoulda kept the old title you totally filled in the blank. I wondered why Platinum seemed so familiar.

  39. Antonio Says:

    2nd version is nicer. “Aliya S. King” should be lowered a bit, and definitely in a different color – say light grey with a slight black shadow so that the grey doesn’t blend in with the smoking hot “PLATINUM.”

    Also, “A Novel” and “Aliya S. King” would probably look better in a different type; I’m thinking something like “TRAJAN.”

    Just my critiques. Congrats, can’t wait to copp it!

  40. Antonio Says:

    oh yeah, but forgot to say the design overall is KILLING it!

  41. Taiia Says:

    i’m really into the artistic presentation of this book. i disagree with the comment about it being a reminder of urban lit or and drugs. i don’t get that at all. i get mysterious. raised foil? good placement? sounds to be like the publisher is putting great stock in your title, which is great. when is the book par-tay?!

    and not sure how true it is, but i’ve heard/read/hear that covers with black folks on the cover don’t sell well. so sad. we shall overcome.

  42. Sima Says:

    I must admit i’d buy the book based on JUST the cover!
    Love it!
    I prefer the first one with the blue, b/w one doesnt really do it for me.. and neither would the raised foil..

    Good Luck!

  43. Thurselle Says:

    Hey Aliya,

    I am so excited and will still host a book signing event (who do I contact to set that up???). Any whoo…I don’t like the title…I loved the No Tea for the Fever…It spoke volumes to me. But do what you must I’m still purchasing multiple copies.

    Love, Blessings, Prayers!


  44. Hanif Says:

    The cover is dope, it seems way off from no tea for the fever. But i’m sure theres a rhyme and reason for it. Can’t wait.

  45. legitimate_soul Says:

    I LIKE IT! Makes me wanna’ buy it!

  46. schukumba Says:

    Damn! I thought I would never got to this dialogue box to input my 2 cents. I LOVE IT! I love the title (really is the stuff of titles that fly off the shelf) and the presentation is premo. I dig the blue over the white, but they both work. If its a graphic designer, he/she should be able to add your ‘S’ without issue.

    HOT DAMN! I’m sweating you just a lil’ bit.

  47. schukumba Says:

    Also, raised foil is ok. The cover pops and that’s a large part of what attracts the eyes in bookstores. If you’ve got a god looking cover, nice placement, and a compelling description of the story inside the cover, you’re well on your way to walking home with that reader!

  48. ShaynaD Says:

    Visually eye-catching. I’ve read some of your work in magazines, looking forward to a full-length novel. :-)

  49. The Griot Says:

    Change it back to “No Tea for the Fever”!!! “Platinum” sounds like a hood book but I know your writing is much deeper than that.
    “No Tea for the Fever”
    “No Tea for the Fever”
    “No Tea for the Fever”
    “No Tea for the Fever”
    “No Tea for the Fever”
    “No Tea for the Fever”
    “No Tea for the Fever”

  50. Chimere Says:

    I like No Tea for the Fever personally. But the design of this cover is hot but just does not say Aliya to me.

  51. 05girl Says:

    Hello… random few-times blog reader here. And a glance at the comments.. at first look the title Platinum makes me think “street lit” as well (which I am not a fan of). But I would likely pick up this book and read the back cover description to be sure. I really like the “platinum” design with the smoke and vertical alignment. I do not like the purple “A Novel” and “Aliya S King.” It’s random and maybe picky, but the color purple and maybe the font just cheapen the look of the book (perhaps make it seem more “street lit” since it looks cheaper?) I would perhaps go with a different color.. maybe a orangey yellow? And also explore different fonts, perhaps something that looks more like fancy cursive script (although that may be cliche).

  52. dkwatts Says:

    “I think Wendy would like the book” – Famous quote from [Name Redacted].

    I agree 110%.

  53. arlicenichole Says:

    That cover is hot!

  54. Says:

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  57. Says:

    I wonder if you can omit the peanut butter or replace with chocolate?

  58. Aaron Says:

    I like it!’s you the cover and magazine will be a smash we just got to present it to the readers to get a review and stats on how many readers enjoy the articles mostly your’s so we take a peak in on you and what your up to;so we can get to know you as a whole …..Aaron..

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