Five Things I’ve Learned This Week… February 28th, 2009



I learned 5 things this week. Thanks to my dear readers…

1. I need to see The Shawshank Redemption and Training Day. And I need to do more to support filmmakers that produce movies that don’t make me cringe.

There was a long back-and-forth in the comments section between Timothy and Michael. And they both made extremely good points about the current state of Black folks in film. I’m still not sure where I stand. Are Tyler Perry’s Madea films bringing us closer to having Oscar-worthy films? I don’t think so. But I can’t deny that his films appeal to someone. Lots of someones!

2. I’m not the only one who needs to stop eating for comfort and entertainment.

I admitted this week that I have a love affair with fatty rich foods that must end. Immediately.

I turned over a new leaf the day after I posted. For the past three days, I’ve eaten better. Not yet what one would call sensibly. But better. I haven’t had coffee since Tuesday. (On Wednesday, I was a grumpy mess. And I fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon. And woke up with a massive headache. But since then, I think I’ve kicked it. I’ve had soy chai lattes instead. Still fattening. But better.)

I’m actually started chronicling my eating habits here. So if you want to check in and tell me what you think about what I’m eating or just cheer me on, please feel free to stop by…

One thing I’ve noticed since I’m now paying attention to what I’m eating: I eat for no good reason sometimes. Particularly when I’m feeding Tog. If she has a handful of goldfish, I have a few too. Even if I’m not hungry. If she has a sandwich, I take a bite. (Gotta make sure that grilled cheese isn’t too hot, right?).

I have to be more conscious of the mindless eating. I’m sure it adds up.

I love how hardcore and honest the comments were in this post. I read things like, “I’ve decided to just call myself fat…” and “I’m an addict. Food is my lover.” Brutal honesty is important when it comes to our health and well being.

3. My dear readers do not have my back!

On the morning after President Barack Obama’s congressional address, I posted my usual random, inane musings. Not the real-deal doomsday discussions I discuss with TH in my private life. These were my lighthearted (and yes, frivolous) thoughts on a current event. Y’all know how I do.

Well. A commenter named Kwame was not pleased that I was wasting web space with such drivel. And he brought it to me in a long, ranting post. There were a lot of “WTFs” and cyber eye-rolling. I was frightened.

And did any of my dear readers jump in and say, “hey! No attacking Aliya! Go to! We’re just having fun over here. Yeah. Even in a recession.”

Nope. None of y’all said a word. There was tumbleweed floating in my Comments section for a minute. One person who shall remain nameless, (cough-cough mike cough-cough), commented on my Facebook page instead. He said, “I would have posted on your actual site. But Kwame scared me…”

Hmph. So when The Killer starts commenting up in here and then the police tell me the comments are coming FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE! y’all just gonna sit back and say, “well, let me see what perez hilton is talking about…”

Y’all ain’t right.

I reached out to Kwame. He’s a cool guy. Just very intense. And he explained why he went so hard in the post. And he made some good points. But I was still frightened.

4. We all think Donyale Luna would make a great story.

I feel like I’m so far away from being able to attack it the way I want to. But I’m grateful that my dear readers gave me their honest opinion on seeing her story in print... I’ll keep you posted.

5. Some of y’all have a mean bag game!

Is it weird that I want another brown bag? After checking in with my fashionista friends, I really want a brown Ergo from Coach or that big sturdy Tumi that Retha has. I should buy a black bag. Makes much more sense. But I don’t want one. Silly, right? I don’t know. But I do know I’m excited about not being the only one who is a reformed anti-bagger. I may not ever be the super fly chick. But I’m thinking, maybe in a year or so,  I’ll have a complete wardrobe I’m totally proud of.

dear readers, what did you learn this week?

I’d love to hear from you!

8 Responses to “Five Things I’ve Learned This Week… February 28th, 2009”

  1. la negrita Says:

    Yeah about that Kwame…

    I started to type a response but decided that it was too heavy a topic. I would have a hard time disengaging if it got too deep. Plus, you just never know who’s reading. I need to watch myself on these internets. I am still trying to be an FSO. Can’t have my future employer giving me the side eye!

  2. Brian G. Says:


    I like many others wanted to comment on the Barack Obama address, but I just didn’t. Kwame was full of rage. We (Your loyal readers) will always have your back (Even in silence).

    Keep up the GREAT work!


  3. Hanif Says:

    Sorry about Kwame,

    I think we all decided to take the path of least resistance. In the spirit of Obama, we shall refrain from E-thugging. It was funny how everybody decided to just ignore that huge post and keep it moving. The silver lining, at least you know, that in the world of blogging, you have arrived.

  4. Ms 20 Somn Says:

    You made me purchase a bag today!!!!!!!
    LOL…After all that chatter about bag love…i went into a store today and saw a BIG Dark Brown leather Hobo bag…I held it, I stroked it…I put it back and walked away…then like a scene out of a movie I walked back confidently, picked it up and purchased it.
    In my defense. It was actually very very cheap. It was fairly cheap to begin with, and then there was a sale going on in store. So I rationalized I would never be able to get it again soooooo cheap.
    However, I don’t think I would have felt compelled to have it if the post didn’t make me feel the need to reassess my bag game. lol

    Hi, my name is …… and I’m a Bagaholic

  5. jay1 Says:

    i intentionally ignored kwame and i’m glad everyone else did too. what was he trying to prove? his whole post was corny and extra.

  6. Tanisha Says:

    When I read your reply to Kwame I felt like what more needed to be said? It sounded like you meant chill out man and thats exactly what I was thinking. Sometimes going back and forth with someone on certain topics just isn’t worth it. For me, politics is one of those topics.

    What did I learn this week? I learned that one of things I enjoy most about this blog is that I get a chance to see that there are so many people people who can enjoy excellent writing on a multitude of topics, from the serious to the lighthearted. I love it that this blog is buliding a community of people that can share their thoughts in funny, thoughtful, and intelligent ways. I laugh at my screen a lot and smile. For that Aliya S. King, I thank you. (And your readers too!)

  7. Aliya S. King Says:

    @everyone: of course, all my dear readers are totally right. A collective eye-roll and pure silence was exactly what should have gone down.

    @ms20somm: If I can help someone spend money in the recession–and get their bag game popping!–then I’m doing my job! go girl! =)

    @tanisha: don’t get me all verklempt in here…

  8. Timothy Says:

    ok for real…you definitely have to see the shawshank redemption…it is literally one of the best movies…ever…made.

    Have fun watching it for the first time!

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