Snow Day Quickie


Hey people!

Tog’s daycare is closed.

It’s a friggin’ blizzard out there.

Tog keeps running to the windows and screaming It’s SNOWING! in my ear.

I gotta shovel. And put ice down. And yeah. All that stuff.

Forgive me for not throwing up one of my insanely long, thoroughly researched posts…

But before I go… this blizzard has me wondering about our First Lady…

Is she going sleeveless today?!

Cold? What cold? Move it Barry! It's not cold out here.

Cold? What cold? Move it Barry! It's not cold out here.

That woman has an aversion to sleeves. And I love it!! I think.


Wanna arm wrestle? I didn't think so.

Angela Bassette? Please.

Angela Bassette? Please.

Here’s her official White House portrait.

I can lift this table with one hand. Wanna see?

I can lift this table with one hand. Wanna see?

A friend of mine said it was too much. And that her official portrait should be more formal. Not sure if I agree. She looks hot! But is she supposed to look hot in her official portrait?

Is there some kind of rhyme or reason to her sleeveless steelo? Is she trying to tell us something? Is she just really proud of her arms?

I reached out to a friend from my Secret Superhero Society who is big on working out:

What do you think of Michelle Obama’s arms? I’m doing a post today about how she NEVER wears sleeves. She’s obviously working out. But not too much. What do you think she’s doing? And do you think she’s going too far?

He hit me back.

I love Michelle’s arms.  It’s one of the first things I noticed about her.  I’m sure she works out.  But they may be getting extra work now.  The goal should be getting muscle tone, not necessarily muscle.

I also asked what kind of workout she’s probably doing.

She probably does lat pull downs, dips, push ups.  I’m sure she does a complete body workout though; we only see her arms.  Michelle has a nice body.  I bet her back looks good too…

What’s your take on all the coverage about The First Lady’s arms?

What I like about the stories is that she’s making younger women start to get it… people do notice when you look good, and they may start to get in shape as well.  I heard some  girl in the gym the other day say that she wanted Michelle Obama arms.

Heck yeah! I want Michelle Obama arms too!

While I was going back forth with the work-out superhero, another society member sent a message:

Is THAT really a story, Wiz? I mean, really??!! In the year of our lord 2009 in the United States of America, why on earth would you want to devote an ounce of brain power, more than 2 seconds of your time, on the issue of the wife of the most powerful man on the planet’s propensity to wear sleeveless tops?

(I want to kill myself for devote THIS much time on the issue.)

I told dude to go kick rocks. It’s my blog. I can be as frivolous or as serious as I want to. And this is a national story. So I’m not pulling this topic out of thin air.

dear readers: what do you think of Michelle Obama’s arms? Is it too much? Do you think her sleeveless steelo is going too far? And does she make you want to start lifting weights too? Or do you agree with my annoying secrety society friend that this story is a non-story and we shouldn’t talk about her arms at all…

I’d love to hear from you!


16 Responses to “Snow Day Quickie”

  1. la negrita Says:

    As a young woman who was teased for “Angela Basset arms” in junior high, let me be the first to say she might not be working ’em out. Looks are deceiving, cuz lord knows I didn’t lift nary a weight back then. That may just be her natural build.

    As for her official photo…I love it! The only thing I don’t fancy on our first lady is her hair. Too boring and corporate. She should get a nice cut like Essence’s EIC. You think you’re into the Obama’s love life now?? Pfft! A fierce haircut will up that tenfold!

    Anywho, the Obama’s have shown that they’re bringing a new flavor to the White House. I, for one, am glad she wore something more casual. It’s still VERY classy in all its non-traditional-ness. And she wouldn’t be a sista if she didn’t have style.

    Don’t work too hard in that snow, Aliya! But if you’re trying to get some definition in those arms, shoveling ain’t a bad place to start. ;)

  2. D Says:

    I think it’s refreshing to see someone in such good shape. Yes, she does go sleeveless a lot, but her dresses are still pretty conservative as far as the cut goes. This just reminds me of going to my grandmother’s house as a little girl and having to bring “Baptist church,” clothes. This meant I had to wear sleeves, they treated going sleeveless in church as a sin it seems, and wearing either a dress or a skirt.

    Michelle Obama is a different type of first lady and again, I still think she’s a bit conservative. Heck, at the sunset of my 20s I wish my arms like that. If anything, she’s encouraging us to hit the gym.

  3. Retha Says:

    Sleeveless shift dresses? What’s more elegant and classic than that?? A go-to outfit if you ask me. Jackie O wore sleeveless a lot too….and isn’t she the icon??

  4. Aliya S. King Says:

    @la negrita: people used to tease you for that?! What the?
    @D: she *definitely* has me eyeing the gym
    @rethat: indeed. I have to do some research on that. Did Jackie O really do a lot of sleeveless as First Lady? I think she was much more daring after she left The White House.

  5. Tiffani Says:

    I love the blog topic and i love our First Lady’s arms. Just looking at the pics certainly made me want to sign up for a gym membership. : ) Shoveling is, indeed a great workout!
    check it out…

    x0x tiff

  6. Brian G. Says:

    Michelle Obama is the sexiest first lady ever!!!

  7. Dylan Says:

    I saw something about this very subject in the Huffington Post on Friday: Frankly, I didn’t read the story, I just looked at the pictures. Then I immediately went to the gym and did some push-ups.

  8. TLAWrites Says:

    I think she is inspirational! What other first woman had style like that aside from Jackie O? She is conservative and chic, which is the perfect First Lady combo! Go Michelle! (Who would have said “Go Laura” ?)

  9. Southern_Lady Says:

    @ D: I have gone to a Baptist church all of my life and I have NEVER heard that one. Maybe for an older lady, but that just may be the unofficial rule for women 60+. And to that…I say whatever.

    The First Lady looks great! I’m all for a good suit (my mom told me I’m almost 30 so I need to dress like a young women–whatev.), but it’s refreshing to see something other than a first lady in an uptight, bunchy skirt suit. So boring.

    Unless you’re Michelle. I bet she could pull it off. I’ve been stalking that dress she got from H&M for the longest. Stylish, conservative enough, yet sexy.

  10. DeAnne Says:

    she’s wearing pearls, it is formal, and she’s got great arms so why not show them off. if she were all flabby it wouldn’t be a good look but she’s not. I don’t see anything Michelle needs to change.

  11. yes Says:

    I don’t see the problem. She shouldn’t wear what ppl think the First Lady is supposed to wear. She needs to be herself and if she likes sleeveless dresses then what’s the big deal? She has on pearls!! People need to find something else to complain about.

  12. Yolonda Says:

    She looks FABO!!! I envy her arms. I am in the gym working on my own set of Michelle Obama arms…as we speak. That’s all I am going to say.

  13. Jovi Says:

    The official portrait looks great. Makes me want to hit the gym, if I could get my butt up off the couch, and work out. She is the prettiest first lady by far and if you want to talk about her every day, I will read.

    ‘I told dude to go kick rocks’, thats funny.

  14. Megademus Says:

    She knows what works for her body type. It just fits…

  15. Dion in Chicago 888-294-9702 Says:

    Migosh I think many are just jealous of Michelle Obama’s arms, i mean I can’t stand Pres Obama who is just a New World Order puppet in place to destroy America and LIBERTY but Michelle Obama sure is very tall and sexy and wow her arms are so smooth, long sexy and strong, I would give anything to have 5′ 11″ tall Michelle Obama to bearhug me so tight (5’6″) and yank me around like a ragdoll and my feet dangling off of the floor helplessly not to mention how awesome it would feel to have her strangle me until i pass out with her long powerful smooth athletic arms wrapped snug around my neck in sleeperholds! “Michelle Obama, hold me squeeze me so tight, strangle me, dangle me off of my feet your long smooth arms so strong sexy looking and powerful!!!” So cheers to Michelle for her beauty and attractive muscular arms despite her and Barack destroying AMERICA our great REPUBLIC with LIBERTY being flushed down the toilet as the Obamas march to the orders of their elitist New World order masters!

  16. sheila wyatt Says:

    I know this post is a late one but I had to say that I think Michelle Obama’s offical picture is fabulous! Classic and elegant, this woman is fit and looks read to take on the next four years in the White House. I think she goes sleeveless because she can and look at those arms. She certainly works out and it shows, yet she is still extremely feminine. I pity anyone fool enough to put this tough woman on the spot. Bravo!

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