Peace. And quiet. Tog is down for the night. She drives me mad. But she has always reliably gone down for the night at 7-ish. And she goes to bed happily, gathering all her animals and books and everything else that needs to be in bed with her. Including of course, Blankie and Paci. Her two best friends.

It feels like she just woke up. And now I’m right back where I started blog-o-rama, in bed!

Not for good though. Gotta start the grown-folks dinner. Just taking a breather. Need a Family Guy or Will and Grace episode right about now.

3 Responses to “ahhhhhh”

  1. Brian G. Says:

    Will you have a bowl of ice cream tonight?

    I’m having some Breyers Neapolitan.
    I can’t fight the urge.

    Will anyone else join us?

  2. SoSoulfull Says:

    O yeah…I had my fave Ben & Jerry’s concoction – Chubby Hubby. What bliss… :sigh:

  3. Jovi Says:

    7-ish, you lucky duck.

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