Prancer vs. Aliya


Just found this comment from my boy Anslem stuck in my Spam folder. No idea why it landed there…

Been meaning to say this, not sure if you watched Flavor of Love 2 or I Love Money 2 (sorry, my guilty VH1 pleasures) but I’ve always thought there was something about the girl “Prancer” that reminded me of you. Her voice and mannerisms seem very ASK-ish.

Nah, Ants. As Wendy Williams, Thembi and Luvvie might say, if they were all one woman, Flavor Of Love is too much ig’nant, negroidian tomfoolery for me to take in one sitting. I’ve said it before, if I want to see that mess, I can go right on over to Walnut and Munn and bring a lawn chair.

Dear Readers…Who is this Prancer chick? And why would my boy Ants say such a hurtful thing. I coudln’t possibly remind anyone of a reality television personality. Could I?

Was she normal? Did she kiss Flav?

We don’t look alike at all. Except we both have a dimple in the same place.

And obviously, she’s a little chunky. Not nearly as tight and buff as me.

I don’t get it. Someone tell a sister something.


4 Responses to “Prancer vs. Aliya”

  1. Luvvie Says:

    Prancer is actually one of the most normal of Flav’s Foolish Frolicking Females. She didn’t do nothing that would shame her mama. So…I hope that helps.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Yeah, she’s probably the “normal” girl that gets typecast on reality shows to clash with the “strong black woman” (read: loudmouth). Then again, she DID sign up to be romantically linked with Flav, so it’s not that much of a leap to question her sanity.

  3. Timothy Says:

    I’m with you ASK, I can’t even get my fingers to tune the remote to the VH-1 channel block area…

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