I miss TG. She’s with her mom this week. She was with us all last week.

Even though she’s only two miles away, when she’s not here, it feels like something’s missing.

Tog runs up to her room and says, “Where’s Sissy? At Tati’s house?”

(Tati is the Creole word for “aunt.” That is what Tog call’s TG’s mom.  TG’s mom is of course no blood relation to Tog. But still, she needs a title.  Since TG’s mom is from Haiti and I’ve picked up phrases like “Tati” and “Nene,” from her family, I thought Tati would be a good title for TG’s mom.

Anyway. If Tog cleans up her act and gets right, I’ll try to swing by Tati’s house later so we can see her and TG.

Oh. And can I tell you how much it warms my heart that my little girl loves her some Tati? Me and TG’s mom have grown a lot together over the last five years. And we all function as a family. It’s dopeness.

2 Responses to “Heartache”

  1. Hanif Says:

    Aren’t you lucky! I love the comment earlier from “Tati” “We are in this together” Is that the exception to the rule? Cause I didn’t think it was possible to have a cordial relationship with “Baby Mamas”. I

  2. Southern_Lady Says:

    That’s great that everyone gets along with each other. That’s the way it should be.

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