Searchin’ Sundays…



I’m fascinated at the search terms that bring folks to my blog.

It’s an intimate look into the minds of my readers. (Assuming they actually stick around and check me out after clicking through…)

It feels a bit voyeuristic, to see an exact web search, mispellings and all. Occasionally, it creeps me out. I’ve seen stuff like my name and the word “husband” linked in a search. What’s that about? I’ve seen “Tog” and “TG” in searches. (Ha. That’s funny.) I’ll see the occasional search for Donyale Luna or “Rick Ross’s babymamma.”

But mostly, I just see my name. Since my web address has all that annoying middle initial stuff, and the whole .wordpress suffix , folks have to search to find my blog.

(Sidebar: you can now find me at plain old Yeah!)

For the past few weeks, one term has brought hundreds of folks to my site. More than my own name.  Wanna guess? I’ll give you a hint:

Here I am! Right on Aliya's blog...and in your dreams...

Here I am! Right on Aliya's blog...and in your dreams...

No, silly! It’s not King Magazine!

It’s Stacey Dash.

Far and away, people end up on my blog because they’re looking for Ms. Dash.

Yesterday, on Saturday, the first really nice day on the Eastern Seaboard, I had a hunnid folks searching for Stacey Dash who ended up on my blog. Who are you people? What the heck were you doing inside on a nice day Googling this chick? I was inside too. But I had a reason.

Lots of people end up on my site after looking for this chick, too.

Hey there! I'm named for a reindeer!

Hey there! I'm named for a reindeer!

During Blog-o-rama, my boy Antz mentioned that I reminded him of this chick. I’ve never seen Flavor of Love or any of its outposts. But I’m dying to catch this girl on television so I can see if I need to go out to Queens and knock Antz out.

Is she famous? Why are so many folks searching for her? I found some semi-risque shots of her on a gossip website. But nothing Dash-esque. I’m stumped.

Highest rated post of late? My ode to King Magazine.

I’m not sure if people are checking out the post for my words–or Stacey’s picture.

Maybe both.

I just checked search terms one more time…

I got two hits from people searching for “Mary Woodson” and “Al Green”…

Sigh. Can someone please show me how to scan an article so that I can post it here and it can still be readable. Sigh.

I’d be curious to know dear readers, how did you find me? Were you searching the Internet for Stacey Dash’s butt? Checking out my Facebook status update? Following my tweets? How’d you find other blogs you frequent?

I’d love to hear from you…

9 Responses to “Searchin’ Sundays…”

  1. aka NWSO Says:

    1) Ans not Antz (the movie has that copy written)

    2) Queens no more

    3) I Love Money 2 comes Monday at 11am & 8pm & 9pm

    4) I found your great blog because I know you and you told me about it and we’re FaceBook friends.

    Sidbar; I get tons of hits of people looking for Michelle Obama naked. *gulp* Go figure.

  2. Aliya S. King Says:

    @NWSO: 1. You’ve been “antz” in my mind since 1998. I dare anybody to sue me. You’re Antz. Case closed.
    2. You don’t live in Queens anymore? Huh. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me you cut your locks and you left The Source.
    3. I’m DVR-ing.
    4. =)
    Was this post short enough for you? Hmph.

  3. kanisia Says:


  4. Ms20somn Says:

    I found out about your blog reading somebody else’s as they actually dedicated a post to having found some new fresh blog that is really interesting with great writing…it happened to be yours, and the rest is history.

  5. la negrita Says:

    Found your blog through a link on Queen to Be’s blog. As for other folks I check for regularly…a few are friends, a few became favs after friends put me on, a few are people I went to school with, and there may be one or two that I just stumbled upon. Mostly, though, word-of-mouth does wonders.

  6. brook Says:

    i found you cause we met that one time at negril village and I kept seeing ya byline.

    iwas looking for blogs and boom there you were among the rest of the hip hop literati.


  7. Yolonda Says:

    On FB, however, now I have you as one of my favorites and check every couple of days.

  8. Lisa. Says:

    I found you through Mimi’s twitter. Although I’m sure it’s not me who you are referring to in your post because I found this site last night (and have been hooked), I did do a search once for TH and Tog with your website tied to it because I wanted to know what the heck those two terms meant. lol.

  9. cherryl Says:

    dayum i’ve been busted, lol in a way. i’ll confess. i searched for the al green and mary woodson story. i really wanted to read it after i heard somewhere what a great vibe story that was. dang i’m late commenting on this. just clearing out my rss feeds after like three and a half months and found this post. take care aliya!

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