I ♥ Niobia Bryant


Hey people.

Can I be not-so-nice for a moment? I sort of feel like I’m kind and friendly and helpful here in the blogosphere. ‘Least I try to be. And I love my online family.

But out there, in the real world? I get some of the most inane questions about writing and the writing process. Sometimes, it makes me want to smack someone. Or at least write a blog post about it. But I don’t. ‘Cause I don’t want people to think I’m not kind and friendly and helpful.

This is all going somewhere. I promise.

So right now, I’m under the hair dryer. (Got my hair cut again. Why is it that when I get a short haircut, I start chopping and chopping for weeks until I’m satisfied? What’s up with that?)

Anyway. I had no intentions on posting today. (Remember the good old days? Back in early 2009 when I posted every single day–and gained seven pounds in the process?)


So. I’m under the dryer. I’m tweeting, I’m surfing the ‘Net, I’m editing guest blogs. I’m shilling for Yummy’s. I’m researching a story.

Y’know. The usual.

And I come across this blog. The writer’s name is Niobia Bryant. It seems as if she also writes under a pen name, Meesha Mink.

She writes what some call Street Lit. I just peeped what I could from the few pages Amazon would let me read.

And I liked it.

Then, ’cause I’m nosy like that, I googled Niobia. She’s from Jersey! (Stand up!) Not just from Jersey. But from Newark. (What!) She has an awesome story on making it in the writing game.

Then, I checked her bio. Guess who publishes her stuff: Touchstone/Fireside! We’re gonna be book label mates! (That is, if I ever get edits back on my novel. Sulay! Call a sister. Sob!)

Ordinarily, I would just make a mental note of Niobia’s name and info. And then try to reach out to her just to say hello.

But the reason for this blog post is an article I read on Niobia’s blog.

Have you ever read something–a book, an essay, a blog post. And you were just stunned at how the writer was all up in your head? Thinking your thoughts?

Well dear readers, I urge you to check out Niobia Bryant’s blog. If you’re a writer, (or trying to be or used to be), can you relate to anything on this list? If you’re in a different profession and these things still apply to you, I’d love to know that too.

And if anyone is familiar with Ms. Bryant’s work, let me know. Is her writing as fearless and brash as this blog post?

*Note: Nothing on that blog applies to my dear readers. The next to last paragraph on her post applies to me and you all as well.  But as far as random folks? Niobia nails it.

Let me know what you think…

I’d love to hear from you.

6 Responses to “I ♥ Niobia Bryant”

  1. Alisha Says:

    LOL at Niobia and her cousin! I haven’t written a book, but I agree that writing of any kind is a process. No interrruptions allowed. It’s so aggravating to have friends or family members who don’t understand the process or the hard work that goes into writing. When I tell you not to call me during certain hours, I mean that! Or when someone reads an article or short story, they reply with, “Oh, that’s nice.” Like I copied and pasted the entire thing, instead of using my MIND and creativity to write it. Everyone can’t understand though. It just wouldn’t be right.

  2. Lashonda Silver Says:

    Nobia’s romance, which she writer under her real name, is to me a cut above your normal romance novel. Her street lit is good, however, the people protrayed tend to fit into the many “hood” stereo types that we have grown up knowing. There are members of my book club who love her work and members who did not. Is her writing as gritty, I would say yes. I personally like her style for romance as well as street lit.

  3. ebwriter Says:

    Hilarious! but so true!

  4. Belle Says:

    I used to edit Niobia when I was a book editor at BET (yes, they had books) and again, at Harlequin. Her manuscripts consistently came in PERFECT. She’s an amazing writer (and she churns out books quick), and an amazing woman too. I’m gonna send her over here. She’ll be so flattered. (She’s amazingly humble as well.)

  5. Niobia Bryant Says:

    Awww. Thank you, Aliya. Welcome to Touchstone/Fireside. LOVE it there. Simply love it. Writing for multiple houses, I am always amazed at the differences between them and TF is on top of their game 4 sure. Love Sulay. Tell her I said hello.

    I hesitated to put the blog up because I know it may read as arrogrant or rude. I was just venting because a family friend who doesn’t read rubbed me the wrong way being condescending. Sometimes you just have to get things off your chest. I told another writer that this was a classic example of angry blogging (a first cousin of drunk dialing). LOL.

    I told Belle on Facebook that I am only RANDOMLY on point. My blog only has few and far between moments like this. Seriously.

    NECESSARY DISCLAIMER: Niobia Bryant aka Meesha Mink does not look a gift horse in the mouth or bite that hand that feeds/clothes/houses her. She humbly thanks her readers for their support of her books thus keeping her home all day, every day doing what she loves. ;-)

  6. Niobia Bryant Says:

    Oops. I forgot to thank Lashonda. Appreciate that. 4 Real.


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