Pitch Me!

I will be starting a regular feature on this blog called “Pitch Me!”

I will take pitches from new writers who want to pitch a particular story to a magazine or newspaper but are unsure of how it should be worded. I’ll critique the pitch, tell them how it could be improved and then, if possible, help them locate the right person to pitch the story to.

This won’t be an easy in.

You’ll still have to work.

And my critiques won’t be sweet. They will be direct. And firm. If I don’t think your story has potential, I will tell you so. I’m all about brutal honesty.

And of course, this will all be done publicly, on the blog. Yikes! Fun, right? Yes. It will be.

So if you have that story swirling around in your mind that you’d like to pitch but you need some help crystallizing it or sharpening it or perfecting it in any way, let me know.

Hit me up at aliyasking@gmail.com and pitch away!

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