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Flashback Friday: The Biggie Belt

January 16, 2009
Chris Wilder.

This story on B.I.G., the first national press he received, was published in The Source. And it was written by one of my favorite Source A-teamers: Chris Wilder. I wonder if Big’s wearing the Biggie Belt here…

In the winter of 1999, I was promoted at The Source from Staff Writer to Associate Music Editor.

Honestly, I was less then excited about the new title. All I wanted to do was write. Not edit. But after changes at the top, I had no choice. There was no longer a budget for a free-spirited thinker to travel the country and write whatever she wanted to. I could still cover stories but I’d have to edit and assign some stuff too.

The best part of my promotion? I was moving out of the projects!!