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Geek Love: My DayTimer Planner

February 12, 2009

There are certain things I can’t live without.

There’s my computer for one.
I live for this thing. I’ve been a Mac-addict for about five years now and I’ll never go back. And of course, when I’m at home I have my trusty Macbook:
i wish my laptop actually looked like this. my macbook is a dirty mess.
And then of course, there’s my Blackberry. Can’t leave home without that.
Even though I love all my electronic doodads, from my Ipod and my Bose Sound Dock to my Flip camera and my Sony Cybershot, there is one product that I would be CRIPPLED without. This is the item that is always in my bag. Never needs to be charged. Never needs batteries. Never needs to be serviced in anyway.

And it’s got my whole life contained inside.

I am absolutely helpless without it.


Geek Love: My UniBall Pens

January 15, 2009


Writers are a neurotic bunch. And we all have our own quirky little things we need to get into the zone. Some of us need a particular brand of notebook or a certain blend of coffee. Some need a quiet space. Some need the white noise of a crowded café.

I’m pretty flexible on where I can write. (Although of course, my office is my very favorite place to be).

I’m not flexible on what I can write with.

90% of my job is done on my trusty Macbook. But when I’m in the field, interviewing someone, or just sitting at my desk writing notes or doodling, I need a writing instrument.

It’s taken several years for me to find just the right pen.