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Tech Support: Mark Luckie – 10,000 Words

September 29, 2009


Getting laid off helped Mark Luckie discover his mission: to help journalists master the digital tools that have transformed the industry.

His blog, 10,000 Words is a go-to resource for journalists and Web aficionados looking for practical tips on video, audio, design and all things multimedia.

Luckie has produced interactive projects for Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times and shares his insight for amateur bloggers and pros. Enjoy! (more…)

Tech Support: Claire Sulmers – The Fashion Bomb

August 4, 2009


I’ll admit it: I’m winging it with this here Internets. There’s so much I don’t know about page views, advertising, layout and design. I often IM, Twitter and email fellow bloggers with questions about tiny urls (who knew you could personalize them? Thanks Anslem!) and how to figure out my stats (who knew you could get a stat counter for free? Thanks Michael!).

Y’all know I’m all about sharing the knowledge. So I’ve asked Haftime to start a column. It’s called Tech Support. Every week once in a while, Haftime and I will track down a blogger and beg them to answer our questions on running a succesful blog. Have a blogger you’d like to see featured here?  Hit up Heather Faison AKA Haftime–at Take it away Haftime!

For our inaugural column, we’re bursting with pride to feature Claire Sulmers, founder of The Fashion Bomb.

Since its launch in August 2006, The Fashion Bomb has been featured in Teen Vogue, Upscale magazine, AOL Black Voices and other online and print outlets.

The blog highlights chic celebrities of color and contributors give their take on what’s hot (or not) in men’s and women’s fashion.

Claire shares her pearls of wisdom from her home in the fashion capital of the world — Paris! Enjoy!