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Kinky Curly: Day Three. An update.

November 10, 2009
parttwophoto 2

her hair was flat when she woke up. I fluffed it with a dot of mousse. That's it. Headband. Out the door.

parttwophoto 4

Team Zahara!

parttwophoto 5

I still feel weird having Tog's hair "out." But boy do I love walking out of the house without wrestling with her hair.

The Endorsement: Kinky Curly Hair Products

November 9, 2009


Fact: If my mom had Kinky Curly hair products back in 1975, she would have never permed my hair. Or my sister’s hair.

Fact: If more Black women knew about Kinky Curly hair products, lye-based hair care products would take a beating.

So. My stylist, the lovely Lynn at Shades Hair Studio in Livingston, has a special mix that’s made on site that she uses in my TWA. Occasionally, she tries out other products she hears about and she put me on to Kinky Curly. Told me it would be good for my hair in between appointments and good for Tog’s hair too.

I blogged about how my original experience with Kinky Curly on Tog’s hair was a catastrophe. Then, I tried again and had success with two strand twists that lasted for a full week. Yes!

But I still wanted the option of just letting Tog’s hair go free. Like Will’s son Jaden. Someone commented on my blog:

Hi There,

The Jaden fro may be doable yet. I was reviewing how to’s for Kinky Curly last night ( there are several on YouTube)…apparently (after applying the Knot Today detangler) you have to have the hair very wet (keep it wet with a spray bottle if it begins to dry) while applying the custard gel. Section the hair and stroke the custard on in small amounts. Arrange the curls gently and leave them alone until dry (otherwise the word is you get frizz). The finished product will be sticky or hard if you apply too much…and OH, no hair dryers-they ruin the effect of the gel! (just a diffuser at the most). Try it again and let us know how it worked out.

Lisa – October 15, 2009 at 2:53 am e

I went to sleep Saturday night with a mission. Tog would wear her hair out. And it would still make sense. And she would not cry.

Anyone with a nappy-headed child knows that this is a mission impossible.