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Be My Guest: Rosalyn Yates

May 27, 2009


Back in February, I received an entry for the PitchMe! column from a young lady named Rosalyn Yates. Rosalyn was trying to perfect the perfect pitch. (Say that three times fast!)  We all pitched in and helped her out by giving her our opinons. She handled our critique with aplomb–a sign of a solid writer with great potential.

I’m so happy to have Ms. Yates back in the fold–this time as a guest blogger.

Rosalyn’s got a bone to pick with Disney about their upcoming animated film, The Princess and The Frog. The new princess is Black. Her love interest? Not Black.

Does it matter? Check out what Rosalyn has to say….


Be My Guest: Tara Pringle Jefferson

May 20, 2009

She had six children. Found a doctor to give her eight more. And my guest today can't get her tubes tied. Hmmmm.

A few months ago, I got a submission for the Pitch Me section of my blog. A young woman who wanted to get her tubes tied had written an essay for a mothering website. They passed on her essay and she wanted my thoughts on why. I read the essay. And I thought it was great. I wasn’t sure why the website didn’t publish it. But I explained that Pitch Me was for ideas that were passed on–not fully completed stories.

But I urged Tara to pitch the essay to another magazine. It was timely and it was provocative–two great combinations.

Then, I asked Tara if she’d be willing to share her story with us. I’m not a large-circulation magazine–yet–but we do have a community of people who’d be interested in hearing her story.

Tara agreed.

And I’m honored to have her as my second guest blogger…

It’s quite a dilemma Ms. Jefferson has. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Enjoy…


Be My Guest: Michael Arceneaux

May 13, 2009

CD - Mary J Blige - My Life

This week, I introduce my dear readers to my very first dear blogger. His name is Michael Arceneaux and I discovered him right in the comments section of my blog. He makes me laugh out loud. Both on my blog and on his own blog, where he introduced me to the Stanky Leg and the Halle Berry dances. We’re also following each other on Twitter. A few weeks back, he mentioned on Twitter that Mary was his favorite singer. Not because her voice was perfect. But because of a special story. I asked him to share it with me. And he did. Then I asked him to share it with all of us. And he did.

I encourage you all to check it out. I’m very proud of Michael’s work. Both on this piece. And in his life.