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August 23, 2009

Went to an animal shelter today. Fell in love with a dog named Oliver. If TH vetoes the adoption of this mutt with a gimpy hind leg, I will file for divorce in the morning.

Oliver is five months old. He was found on the streets of Harrison, New jersey. The vet is not sure what breed he is. But she expects his leg to recover fully without treatment.

For now, he can only take short walks.

He’s very energetic.

I want this dog. And I’ve never had one before.

TH wants to visit more shelters since Oliver is the first dog we laid eyes on.

That’s funny. He didn’t say let’s look at one more baby when Tog appeared. We just knew she belonged with us.

Okay. I’m being dramatic.

But I want this dog.

TG and Tog are already in love. And so am I.

Saturday at starbucks

August 22, 2009

TH and Tog sleeping in. Me and Tog at Starbucks. Double tall soy cinnamon dolce latte for me. Bagel for Tog.

Edits due for novel in ten days. I may need a tiny extension. I’m petrified. I know EXACTLY what needs to be done . I know which characters need tweaking. Which need to be completely omitted. I just have to sit down and barrell through it.

In the comments this week someone likened rewriting to math. You add multiply subtract divide. Finding the perfect equation of words.

I’ve never been good at math but I do feel like a mathemetcian or an architect when I revise and edit. I get this deeply satisfied feeling in my stomach when I read what seems like a well executed sentence.

I am very grateful to my dear readers. Blogging is helping me as a writer. I’m especially grateful to the eight members of my online writing group. Reading and commenting on your prose has helped me immensely with my own.

THings I Will Keep In Mind As I Revise

1. Keep it moving. Snappy pace is important. Don’t let the reader out of the room.
2. Don’t get attached. Certain sentences, plot points and even whole characters may have to be scrapped. Be ruthless.

3. Read your dialogue aloud. What sounds good in your head doesn’t always sound realistic.

I begin revising in earnest first thing Monday morning.

This weekend I write without writing.

Fellow writers: do you know what I mean by writing without writing? I’ll be thinking about my book all weekend. But no writing.

If you happen upon this random Saturday post tell me what you’re up to today. Are you writing? Thinking about writing? Wishing you were writing?

I’d love to hear from you…

Photo: Tog and her Starbucks crew

Testing testing one two

August 20, 2009

Gave up the blackberry for the iPhone. This is my first attempt at mobile blogging from the iPhone. This should be interesting. I’m gonna try to add a photo too. Here’s a pic of tomorrows blog post. It’s a good one. Don’t miss it.

TWA–The Only Way To Fly

August 14, 2009
Don't be fooled. This hairstyle takes WORK. Believe me, I know.

Don't be fooled. This hairstyle takes WORK. Believe me, I know.

At age four, I ran away screaming anytime my mother approached me with a comb.

Thirty years later, I feel the same way.

I. hate. hair.

I hate combing it. I hate styling it. I hate hot combs, relaxers, weave, grease, brushes, blow-outs, hood dryers, sponge rollers, hard rollers. I hate getting it braided, twisted, loc’d, cut, shampooed, conditioned, wrapped, rinsed, dyed, fried and laid to the side.

Why can’t we all just rock smooth clean baldies?

Why can’t we place an emphasis on who has the shiniest dome? That’s a style I could compete with.

But alas, beauty and hair have been intrinsically linked since the beginning of time. Much to my chagrin.


Onward. Upward.

June 30, 2009

Preview Issue of VIBE. 1992.

Now what?

You want to clutch your chest and lay back on your chaise and dab your brow with your hankie?

Go ahead.

I can’t go there with y’all.

I’m busy.

Running a fiction workshop right here on my blog.

Reaching out to my dear readers right here on my blog.

Shilling for Yummy’s.







The game is changing. If writing is your passion, do not pass Go.

Mourn Vibe.

I’m thisclose to crying. For real.

And then get over it.

We are in the middle of a huge transition.

Where will you end up?

Much love to all my Vibers, past and present.

Thank you to Danyel Smith for not hiring me to be your assistant and for knowing there were bigger things in store for me.

Thank you to Dave Bry, for assigning me my very very first story in the front of the book. Thank you to Erik Parker, for always making me trim the fat and get to the meat of my stories–even when it pissed me off. Thank you to the whole team who made the Mary Woodson story happen: Laura Checkoway, Lacey Banis, Jamie Katz.

Thank you to Keith Clinkscales, for letting me interview for three hours on how Vibe came to be.

Thank you to Serena Kim for assigning and editing some of my best work. Thank you to Karen Good for making me want to be a better writer.

Thank you to Raqiyah. Just because.

Rondell, Angie, BMI, J-Rod, Mariel, Lakeba….Thanks to the entire staff for hosting my students for countlesss class trips to see the inner workings of a magazine. Thank you to Rob Kenner for believing in my long-form investigative work. Thank you to Emil Wilbekin for being tipsy at Danyel’s house on DeKalb that day 12 years ago and making a newbie feel like she had a future in the game. Thank you to Akiba and Ayana and Tai for showing me love at Vixen. Thank you to Alan Light for letting me interview you about your time at Vibe. Thank you to Mimi for a second chance. Thank you so much to Shani Saxon who stopped me in the hallway and assigned me a story on the spot cause she heard I was a fearless reporter. I don’t have a masthead in front of me. This is all off the top. I’m verklempt.

I’m sad.

I’m fucked up.

And now. I’m done.

Onward and upward.

My first cover story for Vibe.

My first cover story for Vibe. 2005

My last cover story for Vibe. Faith Evans. 2005.

My last cover story for Vibe. Faith Evans. 2005.

Fantasia. 2007. My first and last cover for Vibe Vixen

Fantasia. 2007. My first and last cover for Vibe Vixen